By Funmi Komolafe

It seems there is no one without a challenge.  What differs is the form it takes in one’s life.  For some, it is self-inflicted; for others, it   is not.  Whatever it is , there is likely to be something we are trusting God for.  Even those we look up to as super rich, there is usually   something they look up to God for.  If not for anything, they would ask God to give them   long life to enjoy their riches.

Why is this so? It is because we all  know that God is the giver of life.  He brings to the world when he pleases and takes away when he pleases.  At least, on this issue, no one can query God.  Even if we do, we may not find the answer.

This, however, is   not the essence of today’s column.   The essence is why we shed tears and why we should not shed tears.

Why shed tears?

The simple dictionary meaning of tears is “ a drop of  the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands”. What we do  know is that it is  stirred up by our emotion.  Hence, we speak of tears of sorrow and tears of joy.

For any one who believes God for children, such a person is likely to look back and say, “ I am 45 years old, I can’t have children any more”; or,   “All my younger siblings have stopped child bearing and I have none”; or, “My husband has fathered children through another woman, so what am I waiting for?”

For the single lady, it’s “ At my age, who will marry me?”    To the one whose  child has taken to drugs, it is, “ Ah! What a waste, isn’t it better if I didn’t have this child?”

To the one whose husband   is so unfaithful that he has made the home a place of lamentation, the woman is likely to say, “ Isn’t it better if this man is dead and I live my life with my children?”

All these questions lead to just one thing: Tears of sorrow”.

Should a Christian shed tears of sorrow?  My answer is no.  When we do this , we give room to evil thoughts.  A woman once told her husband, “ Isn’t it better that I commit suicide so that   people will not put pressure on us for children?”

These are some of the thoughts that could provoke tears of sorrow.

God is able to wipe off all tears

For any reason that you are shedding tears of sorrow, God is able to wipe off your tears.

His word, according to Isaiah 30 vs 19:  “ For the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem: thou shall weep no more:  He will be gracious  unto thee at the voice of thy cry ; when He shall hear it, He will answer”.

Tears of sorrow have never and will never bring the solution to any challenge. Rather than break down , a  believer should break down on the altar of God.  It was before the altar of God that  Hannah broke down and God, in his mercy, visited her.

Psalm 61 verses 1&2  confirm that  the only one we need to cry unto is God Almighty.  The verses read: “ Hear my cry , O God; attend unto my prayer.  From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I”.

It is only God that can provide the solution to whatever challenge we have.

There is also the case of the widow of Nain who lost her only son.  Naturally, she was in deep sorrow and she wept but the Lord Jesus intervened.

As recorded in Luke 7 vs 13:  “And when the Lord saw her,  he had compassion on her, and said unto her, ` Weep not’”.

There is also the case of King Hezekiah who had a challenge of sickness   as recorded in in 2 Kings  20 vs 5 . The verse states:  “Turn again  and tell Hezekiah  the captain of my people, `Thus  saith the Lord the God of David thy father, I have heard thy prayer , I have seen thy tears: behold I will  heal thee: on third day thou shalt go up unto the house of the Lord’”.

The point here is the assurance, “  I have seen thy tears”.

It means that those tears that we shed while praying are not in vain.

They are visible to the invisible God who has the capacity to reward us with visible blessings.

What is it that you have been waiting on God for?

Wipe your tears, weep no more .   God will certainly replace those tears of sorrow with tears of joy.

Imagine the story of a woman who had been married for 18 years without a child.  Definitely, she must have been shedding tears of sorrow.

Then in the  19th year of her marriage, God blessed her with a set of twins; a boy and a girl.  If she would shed tears at all , it is tears of joy because God has changed her story.

In this season, I pray that God will change your story in the mighty name of Jesus.

Let me share with you the story of a single lady   of marriageable  age , good looking,  with good manners, but not a single man ever asked her for a casual relationship  let alone marriage.

She   was determined to get married, so she went from one church to another.

Finally, she came to Laughter Foundation and, during one of the services, there was a word of knowledge that a lady was seen tied to a tree in her father’s house which meant she would remain there forever.

A word of knowledge came that her father had jilted a woman ( before he married her mother) and that woman vowed  that none of the man’s daughters would ever get married.

This lady manifested seriously at the word of knowledge.  The lady  had three other sisters who were also unmarried.

She called her father and asked if he   ever jilted anybody.  He answered in the affirmative, but was quick to say that was a long time ago which had no relevance to   her present situation.

Anyway, the lady whose own mother was late knew that her father’s knowledge of the spiritual was almost at zero level.

She remained steadfast with prayer and then the yoke got broken.

She got married  and, from then on, her siblings began to get married.

The good news is that the lady whom God used as a point of contact to her sisters is now a mother.

As Christians, we are reminded    that “weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning”.

In this season,  whatever the situation is , wipe your tears of sorrow. If you must cry, please cry unto your Father in heaven and He will surely reward you with something  that   will make others   praise the God you are serving.


Lastly, may I leave you with this prayer point   raised at Harken Unto Me O Lord , Victory Chapel of RCCG , Magodo:

“ Every and anyone causing me pain in my life,  health, marriage, business, etc, today I shall weep no more.  They shall take over my tears in the name of Jesus.”

Declare to yourself that   you are set free by power in the blood of Jesus.


It is well with you.  This year,  you will no longer shed tears of sorrow.   Yours will   be tears of joy in Jesus name.



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