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January 4, 2016

Responses to “International conspiracy to ruin Nigerian economy”

By Omoh Gabriel

Published on November 16, 2015

This is finding excuses for their wrong economical policies, The truth is that Nigerian government lack the understanding of economics. This is why they misuse the country’s resources. l understand the truth and real details each time the Nigerian government goes to borrow money from the IMF and world bank, there will be a revolution the next morning.

Nigerian economy cannot succeed because they are just doing copy and paste economy from EU and USA. This is the problem. What they need is a new theory of Economy for Nigeria, that will change the whole game

Efe Benedict

Foreign nations know the importance of population to economy. They know that when you have a large population, you can become quite self sustaining as bulk of your products can be consumed by your citizens.  That is the advantage China, and other highly populated nations including Nigeria has, but we Nigerians do not see the strength in our huge population. Nigerians should know that we are the most economically advantaged nation in Africa so we should take proactive and conscious steps to providing world class goods and patronise these products.

Everyone is complaining that China makes low quality products yet these same Chinese manufacturers make standard product for their own citizens, and China as a matter of fact, tries to source all raw materials from within China. So imagine if we Nigerians utilise our raw materials and agricultural potentials, coupled with our huge population to patronise and consume home made products, even the sky would be a starting point for our economy.

Ejike Chimaobi Eric

If there is an international conspiracy to ruin Nigerian economy as you claim, why don’t we also conspire internally to boost our economy? Hahaha, this is a story and it’s like a cooked egg given to a baby to eat, so next, Vanguard.

Martins Ameh

If there is an international conspiracy to ruin Nigeria’s economy, the president should not work in line with that conspiracy by telling the international community that Nigeria is broke. He should fix the problem. That is why Nigerians elected him. For the past six months, all we hear is Jonathan’s government was corrupt. We know that. Fix it!

Fredrick Obasuyi

International conspiracy to ruin Nigerian economy should strengthen Nigeria and not for platform for complain. If there is conspiracy against Nigeria, it means the world recognises Nigeria as a future power. In any race, it is the man in front that is pursued or conspired against!

The conspiracy should inspire us to look more inwards and less dependent on external powers. Nigeria is a great country, and any country that overlook that fact, does so at its detriment. We voted for change not for government of excuses. It is time for President Buhari to stop complaining about past PDP Governments and start fixing/solving problems.

We voted President Buhari to fix Nigeria’s problems and not to complain about the rot inherited! If there was no rot in President Jonathan’s government, there will be no President Buhari today! Stop complaining and start fixing Nigerian problems. That is what we voted for.

Skye Bourne

Again, the FG and CBN have made the same mistake they’ve always made. First ban the products then begin to think of how to bailout the sector later. It was just this week that we heard the news of FG and CBN planning an intervention loan for rice farmers – meanwhile, the ban (call it anything) on foreign exchange for rice importation had been in place from almost the beginning of this administration. Is that how to formulate policies?

The writer mentioned countries that were concerned. Of course, the EU also reacted by banning beans importation from Nigeria. That is to show that it is not only Nigeria that is concerned about its internal economy.

But the writer purposely refused to mention that it was not only the international community that was complaining about the CBN directives, the Nigerian manufacturers were also complaining about the ban on steel products which form great part of our industrial spare parts.



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