By Funmi Komolafe

Congratulations! We are in a New Year; a  leap   year for that matter.   This is the year in which, by God’s grace, you will leap into your breakthrough.

Before  we look ahead, let’s take a look at the past.

It  is good to give God thanks for all the good things we received in 2015.

With  our faith firmly in place, we are bound to   have greater testimonies this year in the mighty name of Jesus.

On my part, I   thank the Almighty God and the management of Vanguard, especially the Chairman, the Editor of Sunday Vanguard and his hardworking team for giving me the opportunity to bring Joyful Homes to you.

It   is, indeed, a  covenant and I   believe God that many are going to be blessed by   staying in contact with Joyful Homes.

Now that we are in the New Year, we must remember that God remains on the throne and is still in the business of miracles.

Therefore, unlike our previous columns, I wish to start this New Year with an outstanding testimony I witnessed late last year.

Mrs. Ade had been married for 18 years.   Fortunately, she had a son in the first year of her marriage. Then a new challenge set in.   She could not conceive again, though she and her husband wanted to have more children. For 17 years, she went from one medical doctor to another.

She   was diagnosed with a syndrome which, in the lay mans terms, means flow back of sperm.

She had a surgery which was unsuccessful.   Her doctors   then advised her to come for another surgery.

She resisted this and said to herself, “ Since the doctors of the world have failed, the Doctor of doctors can never fail”.

Mrs. Ade said she then   began to move from one church to another . She also tried a popular fertility clinic in Lagos   and she was told that     her tubes and uterus were okay. Therefore, she required no treatment.

One of the doctors advised her to go and adopt.

However,   she remained steadfast in prayer.

She said often she dreamt about people always operating on her.

Eventually,   she broke through   and had a set of twins; a boy and a girl.

The story of Mrs. Ade affirms the message of Pastor Sunday Awe at Harken Unto Me O Lord   at the RCCG, Victory Chapel, Magodo.

He said, “ Don’t give up, God is not through with you”.

The truth is that the time for waiting is a period that your faith and patience are put to test.   You reliance on the Almighty God must be total.

Awe, while emphasizing the need to pray without ceasing, made reference to Acts of Apostles, 12 vs 5, “ Peter, therefore, was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him”.

The answer to the prayer was recorded in verse 7 of the same chapter:

“ And   behold , the angel of the Lord came upon him and light shined in the prison and he smote Peter on the side , and raised him up, saying, ‘ Arise up quickly’  . And his chains fell off from his hands”.

The consequence of the angel’s action was that Peter was set free.

You too can be set free.

The power of God will overshadow every power of darkness in your life in the mighty name of Jesus.

Remember, God visits suddenly.

Whatever the challenge, we must remember that a divine turnaround is possible.

Prayer is so important and we must learn to give quality time to prayer.

Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God,   in his daily devotional manual, Open Heavens, reminds  us that sometimes when we pray, a miracle may be delayed because of the influence of the forces of darkness.

He made reference to Ephesians 6 vs 12, “ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities , against powers , against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.

Adeboye explained, “ These forces exist and they are out to delay or deny you of your blessings. If you   lose faith   and stop praying, the enemy might divert them”.

He wrote: “ It is one thing to pray and have the answer released but it is another thing to receive the answer”.

As believers, we must not succumb to the forces of darkness.

I share with you a popular saying of Pastor Gbenga Oso, the General  Overseer of Laughter Foundation Ministry, “ Shedding tears of sorrow  does not produce miracles”.To  him, wearing mournful looks because of a problem also does not bring solutions.   The solution to every challenge is to focus on God.

Pastor Oso  also often says, “ Every challenge has an expiry date”.

How then do we receive ?

Adeboye  suggests, “ Prayer is  a  spiritual tracking device you need to track your blessing from heaven until it arrives   in your hands.   Once you start praying on a particular issue,   don’t stop. Keep on praying   until the answer gets   to you”.

He also advises, “ It is necessary to specifically pray against every spiritual agent of hindrance”.

How? He   says  that while praying, we   need to “ paralyse every diversionary   agent of darkness” . He adds: “Pray against   blessing thieves and hijackers and envelope our blessing in the blood of Jesus”.

Let’s strive to put this into action and be full of expectations  for   the Lord’s visit.

When He visits, you receive your miracles.

We should also remember that as an angel was sent to deliver Peter, God can also send an angelic person   that will deliver your miracle to you.

Readers, it is a new dawn, a  New Year and, by the grace of God, new things will begin to manifest.

Isaiah 26 vs 4 is unambiguous, “ Trust ye in the LORD   for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength”.

You need spiritual strength to   have a breakthrough.   You cannot afford to be weary.

Anyone who is weary is open to the full manipulation of the enemy.

Therefore, we must pray for spiritual strength.

Take  action

This is the time to put focus on the solution and not the challenge.

If your challenge is waiting for children, begin to see yourself as a mother.

Call yourself by the name   you have given to your unborn child.

If need be, pay tithe in the name of that child.

Speak to your body to produce that baby or babies in the   name of Jesus.

Do you wish to have a set of twins?. Then Genesis 25 verse 24 should be a major part of your prayer points.

It states,” And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled , behold there were twins in her womb”.

Spend quality quite time to declare to yourself, “ I am a mother of twins”.

It may look far from   your present situation but I have seen someone who did this and, to the glory of God, despite all the antics of the enemy, she  became a mother of twins.

In this New Year, my prayer is that the Holy Spirit  will teach you new things in your prayer life and you will have amazing testimonies in the might name of Jesus.

Declare to yourself, “ This is my year of breakthrough”. Mention whatever you have been waiting for. Marriage partner, financial breakthrough, blissful marriage, children, whatever.

Our God has everything we want in abundance and He will give unto us .   We only need to ask.


Wishing all our readers  a fruitful year in Jesus name.



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