By Onozure Dania

LAGOS—THERE was mild drama  at a customary court sitting at Agboyi,  Ketu, when, the President of the court, O.T Williams  slammed a respondent, Mr Jonathan Mbadihe with contempt of court. Mbadihe was dragged to   court by his wife,  Amakaý, who is seeking  the dissolution of their 17 year old marriage, on the grounds that her estrange husband always steals her money,  does not care for the family financially and physically, threat her life, no more love and also for taking their 16 year old daughter to an unknown destination for over six years.

“ I have not seen my daughter since she was 10 years. She is my only daughter, I don’t know what’s happening to her, I don’t know where he kept her, I don’t know what she looks like now. She is a girl,  she needs me,” Mrs Mbadihe told the court. The respondent was  asked by the court to produce the child on Monday,  after the last court session, but failed to do so rather he brought a lawyer, to accuse  the court of bias.

At the hearing in the matter, when the respondent was asked if he brought the child to court, his lawyer told the court that it should transfer the matter to another customary court as his client,  told his firm that he believes that the court was bias and won’t give him justice.


The President of the court, then told the respondent to tell the court why he thinks that the court was bias and also told the lawyer that a matter can only be taken to a higher court after judgement and not the same customary court. He reminded him that at the last sitting, he never raised any objection on the issues decided by the court and  pledged to obey the court’s decision on the issue of producing the 16 year old girl he took away from home  six years ago.

The President also called on the lawyer to take the case away from the court because he deliberately refuse to produce the child ý. The respondent immediately pointed at the President of the court  shouting and accusing the court of lying against him, that he told the court that his wife contacts their daughter through phone but the court failed to mention it.

The respondent refused to bring his voice down after efforts from the President of the court and his lawyer.  The lawyer who failed to introduce himself and his firm then ran away out of the court in the heat of the matter. The court then slammed the respondent with contempt and reprimanded him at the Alapere police station until he produces the 16 year old daughter.  The matter was adjourned till further notice.


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