By Vera Samuel Anyagafu & Prisca Sam-Duru
A NIGERIAN youth will want to leave the country to a foreign land all in search of greener pastures.

Many of these youths lose their lives in the process of travelling out of the country through illegal means, while some engage in drug businessES which most often endanger their lives.

The unholy activities of these few have earned the country a stereotype which many foreigners find difficult to erase from their black books, irrespective of the fact that there are many young Nigerians living around the world who are contributing positively to the economy of such countries.

It is worthy of note here in, that a Nigerian security expert based in Indonesia, Mr. Darlington Okafor, is one of those helping to end the stereotypes. He has invented a security device that is capable of resolving numerous security challenges across the globe.  Through this devise known as Access Gold, he has been able to save thousands of lives which would have been wasted daily by armed robbers, assassins, kidnappers etc, who capitalize on security loopholes to unleash mayhem on citizens.

Okafor who recently held a presentation at the Indonesia Trade Promotion center in Lagos, to highlight the benefits of the security device told pressmen that the research came to fruition after decades of hard-work.

In addition to the newly introduced security device, Okafor, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Access Telecommunication Services Link Ltd, said the company situated in both Indonesia and Nigeria has other security gadgets to its credit, such as Anti-mobile Theft Code, Access Data Bank Security, Hybrid Security Solution (Eagle Eye), and so on.

He communicated his concern to the increasing global waves of terrorism, kidnaping, robbery, banditry, frauds as well as loss and misplacement of vital documents, hence the urge to seeking a security solution capable of countering such challenges in the Nigerian society. He said, “I was determined to ensure that Nigeria rises above security challenges, which have turned out to be the greatest challenge to mankind all over the world and which governments of most nations are striving to put a wedge. Over a million people have lost their lives to various deadly explosives which could have been tracked and dislodged if effective security system were deployed.  Equally, the overall effect of the security lapses has discouraged a good number of foreign investors and is slowly crimpling most countries’ economies.”

Security gadgets

Also speaking during the presentation, the Indonesia Trade Promotion Director, Mr. Nino Suswan, while giving his testimony in respect of the product, expressed the need to having security gadgets that are capable of detecting any form of danger a few meters away.

He noted that in a world where the issue of insecurity tops every deliberation, devises that can assist to ensuring an end to various criminalities are worth encouraging.

Also enumerating the values as imperative to securing lives and properties, Okafor was quick to add that with that the one of the invented devises that is used for safe guiding and protecting mobile phone data and mobile phone devise, including recovery of data from mobile device in case of telephone loss or damage is quite recommended, for fact that mobile phones are largely used worldwide

“If installed the mobile data system, signals information leading to tracking and recovery of lost telephone handsets. The devise informs you of any tampering, even when the phone’s sim card is removed and a new sim card inserted.

This system which combines efficiency with affordability of value is meant to alleviate the suffering of the victims of handset loss or theft,” Okafor added.


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