By Vera Samuel Anyagafu & Prisca Sam-Duru

Ever since both countries established bi-lateral relationship, Nigeria and German have committedly ensured that they maintained good, close, sustainably stable and trustful relationship, especially in key sectors of both countries’ economies.

Mr. Ingo Herbert

At the recent German Unity Day anniversary celebration, the Republic of German Consul General to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Ingo Herbert, who just assumed his diplomatic appointment to oversee consular activities at the German consulate in Lagos, Nigeria, promised that his office will ensure that Nigerian visa applicants receive a fair and decent handling of visa issues.

Herbert who appeared to be delighted on both countries common interest in maintaining a healthier and more fruitful partnership, expressed that Germany is proud to be one of the countries with which Nigeria established a bi-national Commission, adding that the German-Nigerian energy partnership remains a focal point in both countries relations, as well as other key areas, which in real terms, are progressively enlarging the two countries diplomatic ties.

“The Germany National day, and or Unity Day, is a special day to Germans and I am particularly happy to see Nigerians celebrating here with us. “The truth is our business relation with Nigeria is healthy and fruitful and all major companies in German are delighted to come to Nigeria to see what kind of business opportunity they can share with Nigerians and we also assist them in this regard.

We have German companies everywhere in the world. We have in Indonesia, Middle-East, Northern America, and then in Africa and so on, and would like to do more than economic relations, in other words, sharing more of cultural relations, as well as academic relations and so on,” Herbert said.

Promising that he will ensure a more conducive visa processing procedures for Nigerian visa applicants, Herbert emphasised, “We will provide good service, fair service to all visa applicants and according to the Schengen regime, what is valid for all Schengen countries and I would like with my very competent staff to guarantee a decent handling of the visa issues.”

Continuing, he added, “I know once you have a visa regime, there could be some challenges and although, we have too many visa that are applying and you may not have enough staff, but I can say our consular section is also very big. It is the biggest unit at the consulate and my staff dignifies a lot of deserved visa issuing and they are service oriented.”

However, it was pointed out at the gathering that Nigeria is a leading nation in Africa and with its fast-growing economy will find a committed and close partnership in Germany, while also hoping that Nigeria in similar note, with its immeasurable creativity and influence in Africa, will serve as a bridge to strengthen both countries relations in various capacities.

Vanguard Consular Advisory (VCA) also gathered that a good number of German companies and compatriots have strong presence in Nigeria and are operating successfully in various capacities, while many more hope to becoming part of the success both countries are currently experiencing as a result of the sustained healthier bi-lateral relations.


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