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For every woman, the ability to multi-task might look so easy on the outside but try being a wife, mother together with working and it becomes a different ball game entirely. It takes a woman who is self confident to successfully balance all three without either one lacking.

Shaffy Bello

The quintessential lady of screen and former pop gospel singer Shaffy Bello Akinrimisi known for her hit song ‘Love me Jeje, Love me Tender’ that made waves in the 80s is one woman whose enigmatic demeanor seems not to simmer as years goes by. The delectable thespian that plays the role of ‘Adesua’ in the unique first Nigerian Telenova series ‘Taste of Love’ that has been running on Digital and Terrestrial TV Stations, in a chart with Vanguard, she tells more.

Tell us about yourself

I am a career woman, a wife and a mother. A hard working thespian who still loves to sing, maybe soon I will make a comeback into music.   I love what I do and I’m quite passionate about it.

Let’s talk about you and people’s perception of your real self…..

There’s difference between real me and the characters I play on movies. What really thrills me about people is when they say, oh! You really look pretty on TV! Which is nice, but I never heard anybody come to me and say you are the image you portray on screen. My fans need me and they appreciate my work. They appreciate the artistry I bring into the work. Also you should know I am a woman who is over 45. I have nieces and nephews around me. When we sit and do things together, people do think we are age mates, but of course, I have the confidence in knowing that I am still looking good and that exudes sexiness. I believe women in their 40’s are still as good as women in their 20’s if I may say.

Do the roles you play reflect your person?

The roles I play in movies don’t reflect in me as a person. Come to think of it, I am a sexy woman. I have a loving husband that makes me feel sexy. I have two children that make me feel wonderful and family that are very supportive. I am very confident and that’s because I feel I have things that makes me feel that way. It works for me. I think people get the sexiness in everything I do because I exude confidence and that’s what they see as being sexy.

Tell us how you felt playing the character of Adesua in Taste of love.

For the role I play as Adesua in Taste of love, I take pride in it. That’s exactly what the bible character is. The fact that the audience is saying that’s who she is makes me fulfilled. They script writer wrote that as a bible character and people who are watching confirms that. That means I know of it.

How does your being a wife and mother influence the character you play as Adesua?

It is fun playing Adesua. I am a mother, a wife and playing Adesua thrills me because she is a powerful woman. She’s not overly powerful but she gets what she wants. She gets what she believe is hers anyway, even if she does it in a dubious way. To me she is an emblem of a strong woman.

How do you feel being a cast member and has the soap opera, Taste of Love been a success story?

Taste of Love as the first Nigerian Telenova, an adaption of South American Televista series is a success story and still ongoing as we approach season after season. We are in the work right now shooting the second season. I am excited because we don’t know what’s going to unravel, I don’t know what Adesua is going to be doing next, but besides, I am excited.

Its fun to see people see you on the street and call you Adesua, saying Ah a! You did not do that guy right! That’s all about it. It’s gratifying to know that the fans are watching and they are enjoying what you are doing.

What positive reviews have you gotten so far?

The movie had a lot of reviews before it went on air and it was nice. People anticipated and actually love the story line and told us to go on. It is all encouraging. I think it has been a hit and it is in line with any other shows that are great.

With the whole structure, set, and intention to keep the whole cast and crew stationed at a location for a long period was an interesting aspect it. It did work but of course, you can’t rule out some challenges which are homesick and emotional fatigue. Micro-media, the producers were generous enough to grant breaks when you needed it. Besides, there wasn’t any surmounting challenge during the whole process of season one shooting as we were properly taken care of. They have done an excellent job keeping us together. Really, they have pioneered something good.

I am very proud of having been part of Taste of love. They are great people. I call a lot the young ones in the show my baby. We had a great mentorship on the show. There is a fantastic symbiotic understanding among the old and young cast members. There was harmony.   It was fun.

Your relationship with Yola seems vague

My relationship with Yola is one interesting side of the play. The thing is that I can’t stand Yola because I love him but he doesn’t love me back. So, Adesua really wants Yola’s love and attention badly but he doesn’t know it. He uses her to get whatever he wants and doesn’t lover her instead, because of the kind of women she is. For that kind of treatment, every other man that comes into her life, she try to use them. On the contrary, Adesua is more in love with her self.   She’s out to get whatever it is she wants and as long as it pleases her. That’s typical of some women.

To know if Yola will realize and love Adesua as much as she do is obviously something more interesting to look out for in the series, as the drama unfolds. May be that’s one interesting aspect that will get you glued on your TV screen to find out, but trust me, there’s going to be surprises.


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