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In our previous edition,  we shared with readers, the issue of singles desirous of joyful homes and the Spiritual challenges that  some of them are confronted with.

This issue is further discussed this week from a different perspective.

We kick off with the testimony of a lady who is about 60 years and got married in July 2015 and according to her “both families were fully in attendance”. This was read to the congregation of Laughter Foundation International    Ministry by the General Overseer, Pastor Gbenga Oso.

These days, it is fashionable to hear ladies or men say “ marriage is not compulsory. If I can have a child, it is okay”. This is not in line with  the word of God and has led many ladies to permanent  sorrow.

How?    We’ll return to this later but first what is the word of God concerning marriage. Genesis 2 (18) is our authority.  It states: “ And the Lord God said , it is not good that the man should be alone, I will make a help mate for him”. This also applies to a woman.

That      it is the desire of God that we have joyful homes is not in doubt. Psalm 128 vs 3 lends credence to this. It states, “ Thy wife shall be as a frutitful vine by sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants    round about thy table”.

This is very clear.   God wants us to be fruitful but within a marriage not outside it.  We’ll return to the essence of this passage for women waiting on the Lord for children in subsequent editions.

Back to the issue of singles.Some ladies in their desperation for    marriage partners resort to the internet .    Some may have succeeded but many more have failed.

Indecent dressing –      These days it is fashionable to wear to the church trousers that expose their backside ie    trousers with short tops that reveal all.    Others    put on other materials that expose their bodies.        Those who engage in this should know that indecent dressing cannot attract a decent man.    This is    only an aspect of this topic.

Alternate wife –      Ladies who allow a married man to use them as alternates to their wives for whatever  reason could be in for a    sorrowful future.

In our last edition,    I    promised to return to this topic.

Now, I    will like to share with readers, the experiences of three different ladies.    A

Lady H. a banker, went on to    date a man who she knew was married.    Of course it was a secret relationship.    The lady at some point began to harass the man that she was about 30 years old and needed to get married.    Now, this man had told her that he      did not want to break his marriage but because the wife was still waiting on God for children, Lady H continued her    harassment. She told the man to buy her a car, open for her a    shop in Lekki and buy a    house and a son will be his.  She said it as if she is the Almighty God. Of course, the man could not meet her needs and was not prepared to.

He was hopeful that one day, his wife would bear children.

Lady H did not stop at this. She sent text messages to the wife calling her all sorts of    names.  She confirmed to the man that she    indeed sent the messages and that it was her plan to provoke the woman and get her out of her matrimonial home.

But when God is on your side, who can be against you?      The wife who knew nothing about this ungodly relationship of her husband refused to be provoked.

The secret.?    In one of her prayer sessions,    her Pastor gave a word of knowledge that God said people should give an offering as a seed to conquer the spirit of provocation. .    She did      and this was what worked for her.

It is for such    reasons that women waiting on the Lord    should avoid unnecessary battles.      They should also strive to control emotions, learn to      subdue anger.

Though the woman knew her husband was cheating on her, she remained focused.    She refused to be distracted      but remained steadfast in prayer and worship.

One night, the HOLY SPIRIT of God spoke to her in a dream ( this is a true life story), it said to her “ Go and tell your husband that all his children will come from your own body and not that of Lady H”.

Madam never knew the name of Lady H but the Spirit of God  told her.    When she      told her husband what the Holy Spirit told her in a dream, the man became dumbfounded.    He knew that Madam never knew Lady H’s    name or ever met her.

To the Glory of God, the wife a member of Laughter Foundation, had a break through and had a son after about 20 years of waiting.She laughed last. God fought for her and kept her home. Lady H was      shocked.    Of course, she finally lost the man.

Another experience is that of a couple who have children but the man and a    single lady; Miss X got    involved in a relationship and had  three children.

When the children began to grow up, they wanted to meet their father’s relations but the man bluntly refused.

He said he had told this lady that he was married and didn’t want to upset his wife and children.

Why then did he have children with this single lady? The man said it was the lady    that    wanted children, he never told her he wanted children from her .    Worse, he had his doubts about the paternity of the children.

The man in question is dead now but he stated in his will that he had no children outside his wedlock    and that anyone especially Miss X who claimed to have children must be ignored.

Of course, he made no provisions for those children.

A friend of his who was privy to the secret affair said the man repeatedly told him that all that Miss X wanted from him was his money and he had given her all he wanted to      give her.

Now, where      does this   leave Miss X and her children? Your guess is as good a mine.

Rather than take steps similar to the ones stated above, why should  a lady not remain steadfast with the Lord in    prayer, worship and service?

Before I conclude this article, let me refer to a letter sent to me by one of  the readers of this column.

The reader a man, said he has been having issues with his wife    who wants more children. The couple    has a child now. The man said anytime he wants to meet his wife, he would have no erection.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend and the man who claims to be a Christian replied in the affirmative.

I told him not to look too far away.    It could be the evil manipulation of his girl friend. Why? She is the one in an unholy contest with the wife but the good news is that the yoke can be broken with prayers under a truly anointed Man of God.

He was advised to go and repent and join his wife to pray for more children.

There is power in the prayer of agreement but of course he must put an end to that secret relationship.

Why have I made reference to this?    It is simply to warn men      that some the ladies they have unholy relationship with may be deep in occultism .  Such ladies do not only manipulate the marital life  of  their male partners but also their finances.

God wants us to have joyful homes but we need to take physical steps to attain it.

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