Apostle Fidel Chimezie is Chief Apostle, Nigerian Ministers Project, NIMPRO. An exceptional cleric who takes pride in the holistic empowerment of women, Chimezie believes that only so can the family, as well as society in general, be sanitised and better enhanced. This, she emphasized in a recent encounter with Feminista. Read on:


NIMPRO has come a long way. In fact, we now hold most of our programmes at the national stadium in Lagos. As head of the organisation, God has been able to move me within and outside the shores of this country. The most recent of them all was when He called me, along with some other apostles, to raise him an alter so there will be peace in Nigeria. We did that and the election was conducted peacefully. God also inspired us to  celebrate a new Nigeria, which we have done.

Career and family

NIMPRO is keen on advancing both the home and family of every woman because these two are very important. However, we have to balance the mindset of the woman because God needs the woman to be able to balance what is happening in the society. God is a God of perfection and he created women to bring balance and perfection in his creation.

Fidel Chimezie

I must say every woman needs God to be able to manage both her career and home. Your home needs you, people need the work you are doing and you need the money to be able to manage or support your home.

What I advise women to do is to come closer to God so they can have a very good balance, as well as the stability and strength. It is only by  committing every activity of the day  in the hands of God that you’ll have the strength because your husband is demanding from you in marriage, your children are demanding from you, the society is demanding from you and you also need to have time for yourself.

Role of God, husband

To succeed as a woman, we advise that every woman takes a spiritual stand. It is your spiritual stand that will make your husband and children excel. Women are fighting now because they have been subjected to the customary ways of being wives. They want to be heard because there is something they can contribute in the society. That’s why you see them fighting for equality. For many of them, their partners have failed to understand they have the capacity to run the home alongside their career. Hence the constant spat in many homes.

My advice is that we go back to God’s formula so we would not allow the excesses on the man’s side to put the woman where she does not belong, and we would not allow the excesses of the woman rise over the man.

Women, home and society

Every woman that knows her onion in God would strive to build a good home because for the society to improve, it all starts from the home, with you discovering your mandate. For every marriage, there is a purpose. Not just because of God, but for the Godly children that will be produced. If you know your onions and put God first; having altar of prayers, bringing your children up in the way and fear of God, and contributing effectively to every life around you, we would all be playing our part in having a good society.

Vocational skills

I actually empower women through evangelism; I teach them about trades  I have knowledge of. I am vast in various industries, so, I teach these skills to these women. I also source for fund to be able to establish the widows in particular.


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