By Vera Samuel Anyagafu and Victoria Ojeme
The Head of Mission, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Nigeria, Mr. MiguelancelVecchia, has askedthe United States President, Barrack Obama, to make efforts toward retracting the executive order against his country, stressing that both countries have already severed the diplomatic relationship shared.

Vecchia, who spoke during a press conference in Abuja, also stated that the US government, in conformity with the international obligations, should respect Venezuela’s self-determination and the right of its people to freely choose their own path.

According to the Venezuela Head of Mission, Obama had recently authorised new sanctions against officials of Venezuela which has sparked reactions from different countries, expressing that the US president cited “erosion of human rights guarantees, persecution of political opponents, curtailment of press freedoms, use of violence and human rights violations and abuses in response to anti-government protests, arbitrary arrest and detention of antigovernment protestors, among others,” as reasons for the decision.

In a similar development, the Head of Mission, South American oil producer in Nigeria, suggested that President Obama steer clear of his country’s internal politics, accusing the US government of plotting to dominate Venezuela’s economy.

“The United States wants to dominate the world, especially our country. We have a lot of resources; mineral resources. We are rich country and they want to take our resources. Venezuela like Nigeria is rich. Nigeria and Venezuela are almost the same country. Nigeria has petroleum, Venezuela has petroleum. Nigeria has rice, Venezuela has rice. All the natural resources you have here in Nigeria, we have in Venezuela”, he point out.

He further stated that “The US do not like our internal politics. They donot like the revolution, former President, Hugo CharegFriasand our current president, Nicolas MaduroMoros. They want to take the power of the petroleum. And for these, they want to take control of the internal politics in Venezuela”, stressing that, “We donot want war or more powers. We just want to help the people around the world. This is very different from the United States of America’s interest,” he submitted.

Still embittered with the situation, Vecchia stressed that the US government had made several efforts in the past to take control of Venezuela’s economy, but failed, explaining that “In 2010, the president of the United States removed the visa from our ambassador in the United States of America because they wanted an intervention in Venezuela. And we removed our visa to the ambassador of United States in Venezuela as well. We have severed the diplomatic relationship between our countries.”

He also alleged that the US government financed the coup d’état of 2002 through the enemy of Venezuela government against former president Hugo CharegFrias.

“Who financed this coup d’état against Hugo CharegFrias? This is important question. We know it was the United States,” he declared, while accusing the US of planning to block Venezuela’s economy.

However, he pointed out that his government is prepared to defending Venezuela’s economy and flag. “We are peace loving country. And my message to Barrack Obama is, ‘withdraw this executive order and respect Venezuela. Venezuela is a free country,” he concluded.


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