Since Aituaje Iruobe, known as WAJE arrived the music scene she has pretty much kept things close to her chest. For her, is not the wild side of life. Until recently, December, to be precise, when she took the plunge in a near-nude photo shoot for the maiden cover of MADE magazine. It was a move many applauded for her boldness even though many more thought the soulful singer crossed the line.

No doubt WAJE has a body on her that would make many want to see their surgeons and she aptly flaunted it in the photo sessions. She showed off her curves in a black leotard attire and came off as a seductress having a sort of communion with herself. ‘A Woman on Fire’ was what the magazine tagged the issue but some observers saw it more like a woman having a cuddly time-out with herself.

But the big question here is, what did it take to get WAJE to come out of her usual hermit skin? We know most stars would have done that for a few dollars or in desperation to revive a sinking career. If WAJE’s career is not at the window looking out, then what has givenThis, Potpourri took to her to seek what went down before she could go all raunchy. But the singer would have none of that and responded almost in anger. “I don’t wish to comment on that” she spat out. “ I did a magazine cover, it was no way near being nude. It was just gym shoots” she added.


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