By Benjamin Njoku


Sexy actress, Belinda Effah has been threathening to wash the dirty linen of her colleague, Daniella Okeke in public. While in anticipation to the threat that would bring distress and embarrassment to the light-skinned actress, Daniella , it got sealed and settled when findings indicated that it all emanated from the storyline of a new movie titled, “Friends or Foes.”

The film, starring Belinda Effah, Daniella Okeke, Jojo Charry and Dabby Chimere, tells the story of three career women in the entertainment industry: an A-list actress, an upcoming musician, and a respected movie producer who became friends but unfortunately, were taken advantage of, by a self-proclaimed celebrity stylist, Belinda Effah.

For Effah, her role in the movie seems challenging, but quite interesting. She admits in a chat with HVP that it will be one of those memorable roles for her in a long time to come. “It was actually challenging, I won’t deny that fact. But it’s an interesting movie to watch. A lot of lessons to learn; at least for a celebrity, it will teach us to be real.

And I must say that the producer assembled the right stars. In fact, all those that acted in the movie with me complemented a lot to my role,” she said. Interestingly, the movie which probes deeply into variety of issues ravaging the make-believe-industry, according to the producer, Dabby Chimere, was written based on true-life story. “Friends or Foes” is directed by Chinedu Ejike Obim, while Lawrita Obioha is the Associate Producer.


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