Who shall bell the cat?

By Vera Samuel Anyagafu  & Prisca Sam-Duru

AS issues concerning the maltreatment of Nigerians in various countries of abode abroad continue as subject of utmost concern,  many Nigerians are of the view that the Federal Government, including the responsible authorities are not living up to their responsibilities, especially as it concerns providing an enabling environment for Nigerian in diasporas to thrive.

Vanguard Consular Advisory (VCA) observations show that a large number of Nigerians abroad left the shores of the country, following several failed adventures and in many cases have blamed their unfortunate conditions in various countries of abode to the failure of the Nigerian government to provide them favourable policies upon which they could thrive. A few Diaspora citizens who spoke to VCA, expressed concern over the horrible experiences most Nigerians encounter in foreign countries.

They said that most Nigerians are wallowing in abject poverty, and thatin most cases, their conditions drive them into untold criminal activities which eventually lead to arrest, detention, torture and occasional deaths. Mr. Joseph Ugboulo told the story of how he left his lucrative business to migrate to South Korea. According to him, the inhuman conditions prevalent in Nigeria pushed him into the decision to migrate to South Korea.

He said that he is working as a casual in one of the notable production companies (names with held) in South Korea, yet finds it very difficult to save and send money to the family he left behind in Nigeria. His words, “It is so pathetic how Nigerians are being lumped together by foreign hosts as people without a future, and or direction. Here in South Korea, my fate is hanging and I have no future. We are about seven Africans sharing an apartment that could barely accommodate three persons comfortably, and if you feel so disturbed, someone waiting would gladly take your position and you will be thrown out on the streets,

“The conditions of many of us in South Korea aptly capture the pathetic condition back home in Nigeria as a good number of us would rather die than come back to Nigeria as a nobody.”

Joseph, who stressed the need for proper understanding of the country one is intending migrating to, added that, “I would rather advise prospective migrant on the dangers of not updating one self with the cultural, geographical and foremost, behavioral attitude of citizens of a host country prior to concluding plans to leave the shores of Nigeria. Although, it is a fact that Nigerians are frequently being incarcerated in their various host countries of abode abroad, it also serves as a demonstration of how insensitive intending migrants are in matters that have to do with their well being.”

Noting also with concern to living up to essential needs in Nigeria economic projects, which includes, creation of a comfortable political, economic, cultural, legal and spiritual environment, for youth to thrive upon, Nigerian medical practitioner who spoke on grounds of anonymity, said it is time for all responsible authorities to put aside their selfish sentiments to addressing issues of national interest.

He said, “It is important for the government and all responsible authorities in Nigeria to rise above self and tackle the realities and challenges of citizens living in various countries abroad.


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