By Abiodun Alade, @biodunpen

Nigerians are united in paying tribute to the Senior Consultant/Physician and Endocrinologist at First Consultant Hospital in Lagos, Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, who many noted ‘sacrificed’ her life to curb the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) by restraining Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer to his bed.

The Minister for Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu acknowledged her effort thus:

Dr.Ameyo Adadevoh

“Regrettably she lost her life to Ebola virus. Of course she contracted the disease from the Liberian-American who exported the disease to Nigeria in the course of treating that patient.

“Indeed she had to physically restrain this infected person from escaping from the hospital when the latter attempted to do so, having been communicated that he was Ebola-positive.

“Indeed, if that index case had escaped hospital at that stage it would have spelt disaster for Nigeria as many more persons would have been very difficult to track; and could have become primary contacts.

“There is no doubt that Dr. Adadevoh was not only a dedicated, committed and competent doctor, but she showed rare courage, rare sense of duty, service and patriotism to her country.”

The Commissioner for Health, Lagos State, Dr. Jide Idris also praised her dedication to service, noting that, “It was gathered that Sawyer insisted on being discharged from the hospital, apparently to attend an ECOWAS meeting in Calabar, Cross River State but Adadevoh, widely described as affectionate, insisted he stayed.

“She immediately contacted Lagos State Ministry of Health which took over the case. Had Adadevoh discharged Sawyer according to his wish, he would certainly have infected more Nigerians at the Calabar meeting, if he had managed to make it to the venue.

“He could have infected more people at the airport, on his local flight, in the hotel and at the meeting. This could have led to an unimaginable spread of the disease”.

Nigeria’s leading online medium, Vanguard online ( also gave her numerous readers the opportunity to pay tribute to the heroine and other health workers using the hashtag #RealNigerianHero

Some of the unedited thoughts of Vanguard readers via Twitter and Facebook are published below. You can also add yours using the  hastag#RealNigerianHero and  @vanguardngrnews; facebook:

Gideon Oladepo ‏@Gideon18511

You stood for professional ethic and patriotism when you stopped Liberian #Sawyer from spreading Ebola #Dr. Adadevoh #REALNIGERIANHERO

Edward Shuaibu Adoyi ‏@Eddiejnr2000

She has left an indelible mark in the heart of humanity! she is indeed a heroine. RIP#REALNIGERIANHERO

Akinbami Babatunde ‏@barbytee

Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, Justina Obioma Ejelonu, may your souls rest in peace. Nigeria thanks you

Dayo Adesilola ‏@DayoZena

Goodbye to the Doctor & Nurses who laid down their lives for us. We love you but obviously God loves you best. Thank you.

OKenwa Joseph Uche @uchmanjoe

She  did her job professionally may God grant those she left behind the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss

Opeyemi Fajinmi ‏@Beloved_1212

RIP Dr Ameyo, thank you for your act of heroism. May God bless your family.

Anj-Oluwole™ ‏@tweetjuwon

Nigeria failed you, but you didn’t fail Nigeria. You will continue to live in our heart.

The #Bigot’s Hater! ‏@aleeyujbk

Her effort saved millions of lives from Ebola! But she paid with her life! #Respect Dr. Adadevoh.

A.T. Williams ‏@atwilliams04

Dr. Ameyo, you are a blessings to us all. You have thought us the way to live sacrificially. Live on in Christ

Greg Idele ‏@oidele

Dr. Ameyo, you are a true Nigerian hero and you paid the ultimate sacrifice for your country. RIP…and thanks.

Oluwafemi Opeoluwa. ‏@oluwafemiope

The singular act of courage and selfless service saved the Nation from a disaster.

Kareem Rasheed

Much as I have reservations for our leaders and opinion moulders in respect of their true commitments and dedication to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians, I still have belief that there are committed Nigerians who so much love this country and ready to do the needful to protect this country as this was clearly manifested in the action of Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh in the course of her duty. She has shown committment, love and dedication to protect her country against a deadly scourge. But who among our past and present crop of leaders can be so dedicated as such? Rather they were so busy talking about 2015 and desire for positions. Well, Dr. Ameyo, your name will continue to be remembered in the history of this generation for what you fought for. We salute your courage and relentless efforts even in death to protect this country and the survival of the ordinary Nigerians. God in his mercy will comfort your family, friends and colleagues to bear this irreparable loss.

Echono Bawti Bryan

She is a woman of substance and she is being rewarded in heaven. God rest her soul.

James Onoruoyiza Cyril

I know you are in heaven with yourbMaker, u are the world greatest of all time. The only one thing that brings me Joy is that u did what u did for the love of God and mankind, what else is expected of u. I know ur body is resting in peace and ur soul rejoicing in heaven right now.

Chidiadi Sampson

Forever you will live in our heart. We love you but God love you most. RIP Ma

Tony Okoyomoh

You are the Heroine of our time and your name shall forever be written in our hearts even if Govt fails to recognize you now, we shall never forget you. it is not how long we live but how well, just like your great grand father Herbert Macaulay, you have written your name in Gold Dr Adadevoh. Rest in Peace.

Adairah Asimi

My hero! Safe journey.

Oluwaseyi Ogunkeye

She died so that thousands of Nigerians will not be infected with the dreaded disease RIP Dr Ameyo Stella Adadevoh

Martha Ochu

Thank you mummy for putting happiness in country , and showing the world that we have hands that are capable of stopping the virus from spreading . God bless you. REST IN PEACES .

Jimoh Lukman Adeyemi

Mrs stella Adadevoh is a rare gem and an unprecedented altruistic mother of the country.I love you. May your soul rest in profound peace. Vox populi vox deux

Emee Dee

God raised her as an angel at sucha time to save a nation… Nigeria as a nation shall be the better for it and shall not let your good work be in vain!.

SirVictor Enogwe

I nominate/recommend #DrAdadevohAndNurses for post humus national award. They willingly gave their life on the frontline fight against the ebola terrorist sawyer. They are the true heros we need to encourage amongst us.

Faith Ayodele

God will continue to bless your children and prosper them for you gave your life for the rest of us you are our heroine RIP

Nenfort Dan

You were a soldier that confronted death at the gate of your country…took it upon yourself for the love of us all and country.. May God grant you peace in paradise…. We love you all….

Yohanna John Samson

U gave your life for others to live,

Your sorrows and troubles has end!

May your soul rest in peace with the lord

We miss you so mouch farewell.

Ibe Edwin

A woman of inestimable value even in death . May her gentle soul rest in peace , amen .

Itumo Sabastine

Words can’t express how we feel,but all we. Can say is ur indeed a hero,an icon, u saved the lives of millions of Nigerians through your selfless service to humanity,may the Good lord accept ur gentle soul in his bossom!Adieu Mummy

Emeka Alaribeh

A mother and heroine of our country RIP…

Austin Ogah George

The last moment of your career was the purpose while the Lord gave you this great ministry as a Dr. You saved more lives even in death than in theatre. Adieu ma!

Tamunokonbia Minainyo

There is no greater love than for a friend to stick his life for his fellow friend,your service to humanity is priceless.i pray God will accept your soul,am writing this with tear in my heart.oh my word,you die to save lives in nigeria,your services will be remenber…

Ottobong-Dominique Uyon

Truly a rare gem. Despite the pressure from the Liberian ambassador, her compassion for her countrymen/women n children kept her from releasing Patrick Sawyerr but took upon herself the pains and deaths of many. I respect your courage ma! God grant you rest in HIS bossom. Also grant your family, the medical profession and Nigeria the fortitude to bear such a great loss. Adieu COURAGE Ameyo Adadevoh!

Idowu Olatunbosun Patrick

I didn’t come to know this brave woman until last few days, going through her record in public service and achievement in her choosen career it began to down on me that Nigeria has lost another gem, someone who is so passionate about her profession! Dr Ameyo belongs to the ages because her legacy didn’t die with her, she was a cerebral Doctor, a doctor per excellence and a professional to the core, what a brave and courageous woman she was, I salute her selflessness, I doff my hat for her patriotism. Good night dear Amazon, You are indeed a heroine for saving millions of Nigerians in what will have being a National disaster, Adieu, May your soul rest in peace.


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