March 6, 2014

Parents responsible for rape of children —Loral

illustrative picture

By Charles Mgbolu

With the increasing cases of rape, paedophilia and other crimes against children in the society, Mrs Ezinne Elendu, Headmistress, Primary section of Loral International School, Festac Town says parents have failed in their roles leading to the growth of this menace.

This becomes even more worrisome as statistics show that some violent crimes such as rape are committed by children themselves. Mrs Elendu who spoke as Loral pupils in Festac visited God’s Own Motherless Babies Home, Tedi village said: “If children were taught to show love right from the cradle, we know the society will be a better place to live in.

What is happening in our society today – the anger, the brutality, is because some people don’t have love in them, their parents did not show them love and so they are unable to give love in return.”

Mrs Patricia Obiechie, Headmistress, Nursery section of the school said: “Our parents today are so busy. They are looking for what the family will eat, they are out there in search of money that they neglect the children at home. The love these children should get from their parents is lost and so we see these children looking out and when they find anyone who wants to show them love, whether positively or negatively, they succumb.”