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I still cook for my family — Buchi

By Aderonke Adeyeri

Comedian,Onyebuchi Ojieh,  with the stage name Buchi is our guest in this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. This  handsome dude who is also an actor and a writer  has become a force to reckon with in the comedy industry. He expresses his first cooking experience.  Enjoy.


What is your best food?

I am a special being  with many peculiarities. My  taste changes from time to time. While growing up, I loved white rice with a lot of  fried plantain but because I want to reduce the intake of  carbohydrate, I have swapped to wheat and banga soup.

Can you cook this delicacy?

Very well. While growing up,my  mum did most of the cooking but she ensured we partake in it. I started cooking right from my primary school days and till date, I cook for my relatives when they come visiting.

Can you remember playing any prank to get any food while growing up?

I was a bit mischievous at my tender age. There was a particular day my siblings and I wanted to cook yam without the notice of my mum. It was that day I experienced the other side of yam, we were at the mercy of our neighbour.

How do you exercise?

I engage in swimming at least once in a week. I also play football whenever I ‘m free .  I love to engage in computer games to relax my nerves on a daily basis.

What is your best fruit?

I love seedless grapes very much.

What is your advice to  Nigerians?

Nigerians should eat less of carbohydrates and put God first in everything they do.

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