Mr Ebele Enunua, is MD CEO   Sundry Foods Limited and owner of  Coral Blue Seafoods restaurant. He is our guest on this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. He speaks on his passion for good food.

What kind of food do you like to eat?

Ebele Enunua

I don’t choose food, rather, I eat good food. I enjoy good food and that is my culture.

What  is your interset in fast food?

Generally, I like the hospitality industry. I travel and lodge in hotels a lot. There and then, I developed interest in good food. Although, my plan was to be involved in all aspect of travels and tourism industry.

As a banker, I was transferred to Port-Harcourt. I had lived all my life in Lagos and when I got to P.H, the food industry was nothing of equivalent value. So, I saw the opportunity of running a food industry. I believe it was wise to help the city and provide quality food for the people. So, I started a restuarant. Running a hotel was more capital intensive, so I started with restaurant nine years and since then, I have been stocked.

What can you say about good food?

It can be a double-edged sword. As good as food could be, it can be harmful if not carefully prepared. People should know that food with too much calories has lots of health hazard. But the truth is that good food nourishes the body and keeps the body healthy. However, there is need to balance your food in-take. I love to eat good food and I encourage people to follow suit.

Your drinks…

I like sweet drinks preferably non-alcoholic, though, it is not too good. I’m learning how to drink little alcoholic drink, preferably rosy or cocktail.


Whoever wants to live a balanced life must learn how to take lots of fruits. When I noticed that I had eaten so much, I would retreat and find solace with fruits at least for two weeks to flush the system.


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