Damiete Charles-Granville is MBGN 2012 First Runner Up. She is a 400 level Mass Communication student from the University of Benin and a native of Calabar, Cross River State.

She is our guest in this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk as she explains how she was able to secure Miss Universe ticket amongst other things.

How did you secure Miss Universe ticket?

Damiete Charles-Granville is MBGN 2012 First Runner Up.

I am naturally slim and at the same time, I do some  exercises to keep fit physically and mentally. I also indulge in drinking lots of  fruits and water and I try not to eat at odd times. I don’t eat once it is 9 pm. I take care of my skin by employing some professional hands who manage my skin and face. I know the type of cream and soap that are good for my skin.

Growing up, what was food to you?

Food was a necessity. I am not a food freak. My mum told me how she used to chase me around just to sit down and eat. Therefore, I can’t say I really enjoyed food to its fulness. But now, I like food so much. I’m just so blessed to be naturally slim.

What is that special delicacy  from your state that would put you on hot seat?

I love simple food. I like bread and beverage and I am fine with it.

…And your traditional food?

I like tominaflour (the people’s soup). It is prepared with rolled egusi and a little bit of garri and that is my best traditional soup.

Do you know how to prepare it?

I am still in the learning process. I’ve never tried my hand on it before but I always watched my mum cooking it. I only go on an errand for her. The preparation has many phases. Firstly, one has to boil the  palm kernel, then season out the oil before proper cooking begins.

How would you advise a young girl who is  aspiring for  this position?

Eating healthy is very important. Stay  away from chocolates and ice cream. Your fruits and vegetables are very important for the immune system. Try as much as possible to eat apple. Just an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


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