By Victoria   Ojeme
ABUJA  – Former member of the Federal House of Representatives and Chairman of Northern Re-Awakening, Hon. Mohammed Kumalia from Borno State, Tuesday described the northern region of the country, as a failed region going by the total collapse of its economy and spiraling insecurity.

Hon.  Kumalia who spoke during  a media parley in Abuja blamed the present state of insecurity in the region on social and economic inequalities, among other vices.

He stated that, disenfranchised youths and those forced to live on the fringes of society in the north have become willing tools in the hands of forces of disharmony in the region.

According to him, “The alarming and pervasive inequality all across the North has precipitated a dangerous phenomenon that needs to be addressed urgently.

“We are already witnessing restiveness amongst the disenfranchised in our communities to the extent that they have unwittingly become willing tools in the hands of devious manipulators in the cause of perpetrating disharmony in the society” Kumalia added.

He lamented that, “The most sinister and urgent challenges include the lack of unity, general insecurity, poverty, unemployment, increasing illiteracy, hopelessness and uncertainty for the future, these challenges pose a very grave barrier to the overall development of the region and its people.

Kumalia regretted the failure of leadership to address these challenges, resulting in the rapid decline in standard of human dignity and capital development, adding that, “the worst affected include our women, children and the elderly.

Hon Kumalia canvassed urgent need to begin the process of rebuilding the north.

“We  need to get back to our agricultural heritage as a starting point to exploit the comparative advantage of the region in order to achieve a balanced, inclusive and sustainable development, this will go a long way to help restore our core values where everyone can earn a decent living”

He further explained that the vision of the forum is to create an economically viable North with the necessary infrastructure to support its citizens to be self sufficient and to live peacefully with one another irrespective of tribe or creed.

“we want a North where children are put back to schools and the scourge of carefree Almajiri system and corruption are severely diminished or altogether eliminated, we want to see a North where our core values of honesty, hard work, integrity, equity and justice, religious tolerance, hospitality and accommodation, good governance and respect for elders, leaders and constituted authority becomes the cornerstone of its future” Hon. Kumalia said.

Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah in his reamarks blamed the present security challenge in the country on the political class,  who, he accused of not doing enough to deliver on the promises.

He called on Muslims and Christians to consider the present situation as a conflict between the darkness and light, urging them for patience and understanding.


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