By Jide Ajani

The texts, thoughts and views of personalities on the following pages would demonstrate  you how the Ahlan Sunnah Lid Da’waati wal Jihad Yaana (brothers), popularly known as Boko Haram, has polarised Nigeria.  Two Bishops – Sunday Ola Makinde and Josiah Idowu-Fearon on the one hand – and Dr. Lateef Adegbite, Secretary General, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, situate their views on three different platforms.

Whereas Bishop Makinde believes and, therefore,  insists that the insurgency going on in the northern part of the country is not just a religious affair but has connotations of politics written all over it, Dr. Adegbite is of the view that negotiations is the only way out and it should have been commenced yesterday.  In fact, for Makinde, President Goodluck Jonathan should show courage and act.

President Jonathan

For Bishop Fearon, his piece, which drips with quotations from the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran, presents a moderated view of what is going on and seeks to engage constructively.

But their views are their views. And whereas what they have said in the interviews and the article take into account the clear and present danger of what is being done by Boko Haram and the seeming lack lustre approach of President Jonathan, the spectre of disintegration which a report had predicted for Nigeria come 2015 continues to stare people in the face.

Bombings in the church, market, schools, university campus, students’ fellowship, on the streets, the United Nations House, Police Force Headquarters and the office of ThisDay, all in Abuja, only go to demonstrate how daring, emboldened and determined the group has become.

But lest the point be missed, and by no means a magna charter of justification for the killings, when Boko Haram members pleaded that those involved in the alleged extra-judicial killing of their leader, Mohammed Yusuf be brought to justice, the leadership in Nigeria appeared far less interested.

Even while security alerts were issued by more perceptive and serious nations with experience in fighting terrorism, those in the corridors of power were quick to jump up in condemnation of such alerts as undue alarms.  But after each alert, what follows have been very devastating.

Therefore, which way Boko Haram; which way President Jonathan. The views overleaf are instructive and they clearly show how the activities of the group have polarised Nigerians.


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