GARDEN-City Boy: Strangely, Modibbo Kawu sees poverty as a kind of virtue to be rewarded by the Federal Government. This Islamic Hausa/Fulani Robin Hood might as well ask for compensations for leprosy, river blindness, polio, sleeping sickness, tuberculosis and such other diseases and, most of all, for indolence and almajiri. Already he is asking for the President to reward murderers and criminals.

Is’haq Modibbo Kawu’s hypocritical frown at the emphasis on our tribal and religious differences or identities is his way to wish that we all gloss over the fact that the murderers and terrorists are Hausa/Fulani Islamists, so we can move on.

These murderers are no Yorubas, Igbos, Idomas, Beroms, Efiks, Ijaws or Itsekiris. They are not Christians either. They are bloodthirsty Islamists, and Hausa/Fulanis and Kanuris to be precise.

Calling a spade a spade

This guy must be out of his mind if he has problems with calling a spade a spade.

Olajide: Again, this is characteristic of the Hausa/Fulani. Ravenous impunity is pathological, while arrogance and inordinate greed are congenital diseases they find hard to outgrow. So, there goes yet another wide-eyed spokesperson of a murderous clan that swore to ‘make the place ungovernable’ for an “infidel” president they won’t even recognize.

Is’haq Modibbo Kawu – an Osama Bin Laden incarnate  suddenly recognizes Jonathan’s presidency. He expects his patronizing manipulations will stampede the President into inviting terrorists to this magic negotiating table of the Hausa/Fulani fancy, “then sit down” around the miracle table for the terrorists to dictate the terms that will buy us peace.

That’s how they always want it: forgive criminals, felons and compulsive killers, release them from jail….then invite them over, ‘sit down with them’, and ask for what it is they want. Of course we already know what they want: the overthrow of government headed by Jonathan; a man they term an “infidel”, the abrogation of the Federal Constitution, the abolition of sacrilegious Western education, the Islamization of Nigeria and the conversion of us all to dreadful mullahs.

Yes! That’s what they want. It is unclear if Is’haq Modibbo Kawuman expects the President to negotiate those terms on our behalf, for the appeasement of a satanic cult. Sorry, Modibbo Kawu; that is not going to happen. You can bet that this President is not that naive.

Magnus: The NSA is not the President. Whatever he says is within his capacity as NSA no matter how weighty it may be. On the SNC, I think it’s normal that there are different views on national issues and this should be freely expressed whether it’s in line with our views or not.

All of us especially columnist should be civil in their choice of words and language to those holding contrary views. But I am sure that a national conference will hold someday where a negotiation of vexing national issues will be undertaken. May I add that it will start from the ethnic nationalities to the LGAs to the states and end up at the centre.

Garden-City Boy: Modibbo’s paranoia is totally out of whack. It typifies the general attitude of a people we have to put up with, a clan that lacks regard for the value of human life. Throughout his ranting, not one mention was made of the innocent lives snuffed out by his cannibalistic kinsmen; not even a modicum of regret for the killings was expressed.

For him, the sacrilegious mass killing should give no concern. A Hausa/Fulani Islamist attempted to blow up 289 innocent air passengers in the U.S. on a Christmas Day in 2009, with a bomb hidden in his underpant.

The same clan bombed and killed over 40 church worshipers on Christmas Day brutal bombing in Madalla in 2011 Yet this fire-breathing dragon sees no tribal or religious undertone in these satanic acts. All that matters is an unchallenged sustenance of a Nigerian system that keeps the long fangs of vampires buried deep in the nation’s jugular, to guzzle and leach it to stupor.

The self-appointed Boko Haram spokesman couldn’t be bothered about the global negative stereotype brought to the nation’s image by the criminal behaviour of his reckless people. He speaks the mind of the jackass that he is.

Power upon power: I’ll always lend a helping hand to a confused brother in need. The name of the president of Nigeria is Goodluck Owoeye Ebele Azazi Jonathan. Now Mr. Modibbo Kawu or however you are called I hope this puts you out of your misery and we can get on with more pressing issues.

Pius M Ayogu: Is’haq Kawu can you explain to Nigerians what poverty has got to do with  the hapless and unconscionable slaughter of Christians in their place of worship. You want to tell us that poverty caused a group of twisted, pathologically unfit Islamic jihadists to murder and maim in cold blood worshippers, including children and women? Is’haq Kawu tell me what these hapless victims had done?

We tend to blame poverty and joblessness for every evil. Well, I beg to differ; I share the views of other well meaning Nigerians that this is an orchestration, a conspiratorial perfidy by those who wish to Islamize and fulanize Nigerians.

The lunatics that proselytise and propagate the religion and the ideology of hate through terror have got powerful sponsors in and outside the country. You probably represent the intellectual arm of this conspiracy but I want to remind you that evil may succeed but it can never triumph. Whether dialogue or confrontation I am convinced that you guys can never get away with all the blood you have spilled.  Both the Bible and Koran tell us that those who sin shall die.

James Ban ji: I beg to disagree with you. It’s like you are saying people always like to condemn some past leaders from a section of the country but praise others from another section even if those ones are also guilty in a way. That’s not true as it is obvious that many Nigerians like to commend our past leaders on merit and also vent their anger on them when it is necessary. Let us call spade a spade, this article is out of it and it is indeed an abuse of our collective sense of reasoning, though the writer has his fundamental right of expressions.

Shango Olokun: After going through that trash by Is’haq Boko Modibbo Haram Kawu as rightly referred to by all, I can say the anger in me I think is much more than the laziness that reside in the marrows of  scumbags (Boko-Haram). The writer should thank God for the internet and those that made it possible because no one, I repeat no one can stand right in my face and quote this trash, my reaction normally would be spontaneous.

Both Jonathan and his security adviser are on same line here. Mr. Modibbo, if you think 160 million people will come down on their knees and beg 3000 madmen just because they choose to hide and from there terrorize all, then you must go for a checkup. Madness at times comes as if you are over educated and this type of madness is always very difficult to curtail.

Boko Haram will and must fizzle out. If they are hungry then they should be innovative and create something for themselves. The southern part and the Christians in the north, both suffered the almost 40 years of Boko Haram’s rule through the military but we never despair.

When militancy came, they never killed innocent people but were focused and made their demands known from the initial stages, hence Yar’Adua was able to key unto such plan. Moddibo, for the SNC, it is either you are a deceit to humanity or you just want to get noticed.

You and I know that 99 per cent common Nigerians except those enjoying this warped contraption called Nigeria want SNC to vent their anger at the fake writing you now claim is constitution. This is because it came from nowhere and as such is alien to us. This is the reason it has never worked and will never work.

Field-Marshal:  Is’haq (are you a man or a woman?, sorry am not conversant with names having apostrophe). Whatever, you are not only an idiot, you are also senseless!

President’s interview

The President gave an interview while he was “attempting to appreciate the deeper issue latent to the rebellion” on January 26, 2012. Azazi gave an interview on February 10, 2012 when the ‘latent issue deeper to the rebellion’ had been revealed as religion.

BH wants Nigeria islamized and you, an Islamic apologist, want us to dialogue with them. What if the ‘no’ vote carries the day, will that stop the senseless jihad? If GEJ is interviewed today, he will no doubt reiterate Azazi’s position on your brothers. Don’t be fooled, we will never dialogue with Boko Haram. Isn’t it foolishness to rub minds with idiots like you who believe that western education is a sin. Boko Haram: what a disgusting name in this era!

The only solution to your Boko Haram is Military Force even if it means the use of drones; we can hire them from advanced economies where education is not a sin but a vehicle for advancement. Thank God between your January 26 and February 10, much has been achieved militarily against your Boko Haram. Ask your Kabiru Sokoto, Abu Qaqa, Sheik Sani Haliru (now evangelist Paul Sani) if in doubt. Must you use newspapers to propagate your ignorance?

Eziokwubundu: President Jonathan had unambiguously stated, that his administration was willing to dialogue with Boko Haram: “if they clearly identify themselves now and say this is the reason why we are resisting, this is the reason why we are confronting government or this is the reason why we are destroying some innocent people and their properties…then there will be a basis for a dialogue…”

What NSA said corresponds to that of the president, Is’haq Boko Modibbo Haram Kawu. Since Boko Haram (BH) has failed to identify themselves, government should then fold their hand and siddon look while BH continues their reign of terror with impunity abi?

Let BH fulfill Goodluck’s condition for negotiation and see whether he will keep his would or not. Until that is done, National Security Adviser, Andrew Azazi’s position is very correct and if know them (BH) please advise to do the right instead of spreading your conspiracy theories.


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