The United State born Dan Foster has paid his dues in the entertainment industry. He is a radio personalty, with Inspiration FM. He is our guest in this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. He speaks on his love for moisturised food as well as sea foods . Enjoy.

What is your kind of food?

Dan Foster

I like food that is not dry. I like food that is moisturised. I like sauces. Giving me the right food and sauces is good for me. I prefer to have sauces with whatever food I eat. I love potatoes and unique noodles. I like spaghetti and noodles, so I wouldn’t mind taking my food using different sauces. I really love flavour with spices in it. I’m a sweetly kind of person. I like varieties of food and I like my meat tender, not dry or well done but in an appropriate taste and must be moist. I’m really hungry now.

Growing up, what was food to you?

I have had time to experiment on varieties of dishes especially vegetables, starch and its main ingredients.

My dad was there for us when mum died and so he made it possible for us to experiment with food. I was a vegetarian to the core.

Do you get those foods to eat now?

I grew out of a lot of foods. I just wish I could eat sea foods. I’m allergic to all sea foods.

What were the basic food in the United States that you can do without?

I don’t eat lots of macaroni and cheese anymore like I used to.

…And fruits

I eat fruits including watermelon, pineapple, apple, pears,

How is your exercises like?

I do that all the time.


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