As part of effort to celebrate this year’s World Food Day, Federal Palace Hotel decided to celebrtae with Nigerian families who have been patronising the firm for the past one year.

This year’s theme, “Food price: “From crisis to stability” was chosen as a way of shedding some light on this trend and what can be done to mitigate its impact on the most vulnerable.

In a media parley, the General Manager, David Khegl, said looking at the theme taken by the hotel to celebrate with families this year, “African tour, it is combination of a number of things. The country is going through a difficult time and with climate change, people need a means of sustenance and a balanced meal and we want to be able to contribute to that.

“Although, we haven’t been able to feed a larger community as such but it is our corporate social responsibility programme within the environment to take 90 percent of our profit into corporate social commitment and we do that to be able to give back to society.

“It is an opportunity to showcase our products and celebrate with the rich dishes that we have within African region and be able to annex with other culture and that is why we are having varieties of dishes from different parts of the African continent.

We have indigenous foods ranging from sagewell lamb stew in East Africa, Coconut bean soup from Tanzania, Ogbono soup, Oha, eba, Poundo yam from Nigeria while bogoshi, smoked sneak meat and cabbage, stewed ox tail with beans, bobotie, all from South Africa. Onion gravy, cassava biscuit, shuku shuku are from Kenya.

We are hospitality industry, therefore it is in our interest that all our clients are satisfied. So, we try to look at what Nigerians like. We know that Nigerians like spicy food and some of the Moroccan and Kenyan food is spicy. We believe that anyone who eats needs full experience.


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