October 30, 2011

Okogie calls for humility among Christians

Lagos – The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, on Sunday in Lagos called on Christians to practise humility in all aspects of their lives so that the Lord could exalt them.

Okogie made the call at the homily celebration of the feast day of St Jude Catholic Society and the solemn admission of new members at St. Robert Catholic Church, Military Hospital, Yaba.

The Cardinal said that many Christians today exalted themselves even before God who is the owner of all.

About 250 members were admitted into the society by the Cardinal who urged them to always look up to God alone in times of difficulties.

He said that many Christians would always go “from pillar to post”, looking for where their problems could be solved, abandoning their faith in God who is the author and finisher.

Speaking after the service, Okogie condemned the proposed removal of fuel subsidy, saying that Nigerians were already living in penury.

“Even with the fuel subsidy by the Federal Government, the people are living in penury and if this is removed, it will bring more hardship on the people.”

He said that prices of goods had already increased because of the N18,000 minimum wage which some tiers government said they could not pay.

“It is like giving a child something with the right hand and taking it back from the child with the left hand.”

The Parish Priest of St. Roberts Catholic Church, Rev. Fr. Charles Assai, said that he was recently saved from cardiac disease through the love of God that existed in his Church.

He called on Christians to be caring and loving as this may help in saving lives.(NAN)