In our last week edition, we featured a story of Nigeria’s Super Eagles player Chidi Odiah who allegedly dumped his wife Uju and three month-old baby, Kenzo. The story has since been generating reactions online from families and friends of both parties, including Chidi himself.

In his reaction, Chidi Odiah said that his family issues should not become public business. He warned those who are commenting on the issue to mind their business, saying, “I am not interested in hearing whether good or bad. I did not ask for your opinion. Uju and Kenzo are my wife and son and I have every right to deal with them as I like.

Chidi Odia and wife, Uju

“I’m tired of being quiet concerning this issue and I wonder why and how my family issues should become public business. All of you are jobless fools for interfering in my family matter and making stupid comments that I am not interested in hearing whether good or bad. I did not ask for your opinion. Uju and Kenzo are my wife and son and I have every right to deal with them as I like, so please you all should mind your business. Stop commenting.”

But efforts to get Chidi Odiah’s side of the story proved abortive as he did not pick his calls or respond to messages. In response, one Ada, said to be Uju’s sister, said, “Actually, my dear Chidi, you have no right to “deal” with your wife and child the way you please, because they were born of a woman the way you were born. She is your wife, not your slave and you cannot “deal” wit them inhumanely, without having people opposing you. This shows how abusive you really are to my sister, and you will not go unpunished, God dey watch you! And for all who were supporting this loafer, I hope you can all see him who he truly is. I rest my case. Chidi, I wish that you will be man enough to stand in the face of my father and say the rubbish you just said.”

Chidi Odia

Meanwhile, one Chiomy, calling Odiah her brother said, Chidi should go for DNA test to ascertain the paternity of baby Kenzo. “Chidi, my brother, you better check Kenzo to be sure you are the real dad because I don’t trust these girls,” adding, “Chidi entered the wrong family. My heart goes out to poor Kenzo but I trust Chidi will look after him well. For you, Uju my dear, I will advise you not to go to press again. This battle can only be won on your knees.”

One of the supposed family members of Chidi, Juneor (Oscar) in his comment said, “Those who know the Odiah Family know that they are a very responsible and decent family. What they did was to invite Uju’s dad to a family meeting to inform Uju that based on her actions, they wanted her to go home and learn how to live as a married woman, because she lacks every attribute or quality of woman, who has gotten married.

“Which married woman takes her friends into her husband bedroom in a house that consists of at least six bedrooms that are well furnished? Uju has no regard or respect for Odiah, who is a very calm, decent and humble young man. He is so shy and calm to the extent that he is mistaken to be a proud person, or someone who snubs others. I know Chidi and he will never treat Uju with disdain and contempt. He loves her to a fault. Talk more of his own son. Chidi neither influences his siblings nor his mother. Everyone of them respects each other and everyone around them.”

However, one Chomy says there is no conclusion yet. “No conclusions here people. Uju was in Russia with Chidi before their marriage and she was pregnant there. Her pregnancy even showed during their traditional wedding. But let’s not judge Chidi yet till we hear his own story.”


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