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September 20, 2011

Beware! Generator fumes kill fast

One fact that generator owners and users must know, is that generator fumes kill; hence generators must be operated outside the main building where people reside with its exhaust pipe facing the open air.

The Nigeria Technology Guide which decried the rate at which people die due to generator fumes, gave this piece of advice to generator users: “generator fumes kill, use your generator with wisdom”.

Generator fumes, according to Technology Guide, contain poisonous gases like carbon dioxide CO2 and carbon monoxide CO. “These two gases are colourless and odourless hence when in a room containing unsafe levels of these gases, the occupant has no way of identifying its presence.

This may be the reason why many victims of generator fumes poisoning are found either dead or incapacitated,” the Nigeria Technology Guide declared .

According to the Guide, there are a few common sense approaches to use in reducing the chances of death by generator fumes only.

“The most obvious step is to operate your generator outside the house. Do not operate your generator inside your house, in a passage or corridor.

If you must place a generator within a building, it must be in a veranda, balcony, or an open-air location within the building. The exhaust pipe must also face the open air (not the wall).

Remove the generator from your window. Also, ensure that the windows on the opposite side to the side closer to the generator are open. This will ensure an in flow of fresh air into your home.

Remember that fumes from your neighbours’ generators can also harm you so ensure that your neighbours’ generators are no threat to your precious life. So make sure your neighbours’ generators are mounted in a safe place,” the Guide noted.

“Another smart thing you should do to save yourself and your family from poisonous generator fumes is to install fire detector or smoke detectors in your home. Buy a smoke detector with carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide detection capability.

These smoke detectors will monitor the levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in air and will alert you when they exceed safe limits.

Buy smoke detectors with poisonous gas detection capability and install them in strategic locations in your home like your living room, studies and bedrooms.

A well-installed and functional smoke alarm will alert you of generator fume thereby saving your life,” the Guide noted.