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Mr. Silas Okuh is the consultant nutritionist to All-Tech Nutrient Ltd. The Ahiazu Mbaise born Imo State born is our guest on this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. He speaks on how his wife prepares his special delicacies.

The kind of food you eat?


Over the years, I’m used to eating twice daily. I take my breakfast before 11 0’clock and it is usually light meals. Sometimes, I take tea and bread or pasta, although, I eat yam and egg but in small quantity.

Sometimes, I skip lunch. And whenever I’m going to have lunch, it will be whole wheat. Most of the times, I eat cereals because of my work schedule. If I had my lunch a bit late, I might skip my dinner but can only take some beverages.

If I didn’t have lunch at all and got home early, I might have rice for dinner. I don’t eat beans in the night because I usually experience heartburn. But if I had to eat beans at all, it must be in the daytime not morning or I’ll feel heavy and sleepy.

I can eat my rice and dodo with some salad. I eat every other food too but my preference for heavy food is whole wheat. This is because it is healthy; it contains protein and fiber and better food for the athletes.

Growing up….?

It was fun. I remember that breakfast was a must. My mother was a teacher and she arranged our breakfast in such a way that it would be impossible to resist it. I never had breakfast outside my home. I can’t remember a day without homemade breakfast. In the middays, I could eat snacks.

And when you got married…?

There is little or no transition. I married a woman who has the same experience like my mother. Most of the time, my wife packages my breakfast before going out. I grew up not taking my breakfast very early in the morning.

…You have fun with food?

Yes, I love to have fun with food, especially when I eat what I like. I don’t like salty food.

Does your wife prepare meals that make you salivate?

Every meal she prepares is superb.

What is the traditional food of your people?

I can’t remember.

That means you don’t go home…?

I go home but everything has changed. I grew up in Lagos. We have garri, akpu, pounded yam. We have the oha, egusi, onubu, nsalla soup. There is another soup called achara and ofe-owere.

Your drinks ?

I’m a social drinker. The lager I like is Guinness stout. I love red wine.


Sometimes, I go to the gym. I do cycling too. I do lots of in-door exercises.

The joy of eating potatoes

Potatoes are important staples in many cultures. There are types of potatoes you can eat. They are affordable and easy to cook. Potatoes are grown for flavour and tenderness, not quantity or size, thus resulting in the best potato available. They are very rich and flavourful and add a wonderfully special touch to any meal.

There are many different types of potatoes. There are thousands of potato varieties. But for cooking purposes, we can say that there are basically six types: yellow, red, russet, white, fingerling and blue potatoes. They can be grown using the potatoes gardening seeds.

It is important to know what type of potatoes you should use when baking and boiling. For example, if you want to add potatoes to soups or stews you should use yellow, blue or red potatoes.

These potatoes are low in starch, and this means that, when boiling, they will not fall apart. If you want to bake, then you should use potatoes with a dry texture like the Yukon Gold type.

Potatoes for baking purposes are high in starch, and when they are done, the texture is very soft. They should not be confused when cooking sweet potatoes which are another different.


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