By Sam Eyoboka & Olayinka Latona
LAGOS—FOLLOWING the mayhem by supporters of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, and other street urchins in many northern states after the announcement of results of the presidential elections, National President of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, yesterday, urged President Goodluck Jonathan to arrest and prosecute former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts before they plunge the nation into another civil war.


Pastor Oritsejafor who was briefing newsmen at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos warned that the quest for a united Nigeria would not materialize if the nation continued to allow persons who were fanning the embers of disunity to roam the streets of the country.

Belief in indivisible Nigeria

He said: “I believe in one indivisible Nigeria, but I also believe that if Nigeria is ever going to remain one nation, which I believe it could, then certain persons must be sanctioned because of the continued violence we are experiencing in the northern part of Nigeria.

“Let us not pretend by always saying the violence is taking place in some parts of the country. People like Gen. Buhari and others like him should not be allowed to roam the streets of this country because they are part of the confusion that has enveloped the nation today.”

Oritsejafor noted that the Federal Government had already blamed the CPC presidential candidate for the post_election mayhem which had led to the death of several NYSC members, adding that in decent societies such persons should be made to face the full weight of the law.

The CAN president said there were several other influential individuals identified by security outfits as those behind the mayhem, and wondered why the authorities have not arrested and prosecuted them.

He said: “I don’t know how the Federal Government should sanction sponsors of such mayhem that have left hundreds of innocent Nigerians dead, but I think the government should do something to keep this nation one indivisible entity for the benefit of every citizen.”

Oritsejafor who outlined reasons why he had chosen to speak out now, said: “I believe that the current violence we are experiencing in parts of the North is because certain highly placed persons in this country magnified the PDP problem of zoning offices and gave the impression to the electorate and the generality of northerners, especially the gullible illiterates that it was their turn to rule.

“Basically, what we are seeing today is the fact that they feel that it is their turn to rule. Those people who are perpetrating the mayhem do not know who won the elections and in what place. In fact, you will recall that the violence started long before the INEC chairman actually declared the results and sadly the mayhem is mostly in the states where Gen. Buhari won.”

He attributed the crisis to the fact that certain persons blew the PDP zoning issue out of proportion and made it look like it was their right given to them by God that they must rule and nobody else from any other part of the country has the right to lead this country.

Inciting utterances

Oritsejafor said: “The inciting utterances of certain individuals including Buhari who, for example, called on his supporters to protect their votes and lynch anybody attempting to rig the elections”, added to the problem.

He noted: “What exactly are they saying to the people by that statement? You are telling them to take the laws into their hands and kill people and that is exactly what they are doing now. I know that everybody wants to run away from that issue.

Nobody wants to talk about it and we think that is the way to build a virile and united Nigeria.

“We will never arrive at a solid, united, indivisible and powerful Nigeria unless we are prepared to tell the truth to each other and face the truth. There are those who already have a religious agenda and they have been promoting it and working very hard to implement it.

Taking advantage of political atmosphere

“They are the people behind different violent incidences in different parts of the North for some time now. What they are just doing is taking advantage of the political atmosphere to create the impression that what we are witnessing is political and not religious. If the problem is purely political, why are churches being burnt? Why are southern youth corps members being targeted?

Why are pastors being killed? Why are Christians generally being hunted in different parts of the North to be killed?
“It is because the religious agenda is real and there is a religious undertone to all the crises in the North. These are facts that the security agencies in the country should dispassionately look at and treat with dispatch with a view to arresting the perpetrators and prosecuting same for the sake of peace of the nation.

“These people must not be allowed to go on like this. The government must wield the big stick at this time and do whatever it has to do to put a permanent stop to all these madness and bring peace to this country. We cannot continue to allow this thing to go like this. Enough is enough.”

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