Towards enhancing the management of kidney disorders as well as organ transplantation procedures in Nigeria, Mega Lifesciences Limited has introduced Promune – an immunosuppressant drug containing Cyclosporin. A statement by the company in Lagos noted: “This is one life-saving drug for thousands of people suffering from kidney diseases, as it allows the patient to go for kidney transplantation, wherein they can receive a kidney from a donor and be able to manage the organ in post-transplant”.

The statement said the drug ensures that the transplanted organ is not ‘destroyed’ by the immune system of the patient, thus avoiding the phenomenon known as ‘rejection’  which makes the body of the patient to react to the new organ as alien.

With Promune, it becomes easier for the body of the patient to receive and co-exist with a new organ effectively and without complications.

The statement noted that most patients in Nigeria currently buy the drug from countries such as India and Indonesia at exhorbitant prices, adding that Mega Lifesciences had introduced the drug in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg strengths in packs of 50 soft gelatine capsule and formulated in an advanced micro emulsion pre-concentrate form proven to international standards in bioequivalence studies.

Availability and competitive pricing, comparable to international standard, according to the statement, is expected to make life easier for the kidney transplant patients in Nigeria, as they do not have to look too far and wait too long to procure this drug which is a life saving medicine for the patient.


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