Regular running and jogging is a good way to improve your health and fitness.

According to experts, you do not need to become a marathon runner to benefit greatly from running. Many people are concerned about long term damage to joints such as knees, ankles and hips, as a result of running.

However, with good quality running shoes and a sensible approach, the risks are minimal, and the benefits of being fitter outweigh those possible risks.

Jogging makes the heart stronger. It increases the capacity of the blood circulation and of the respiratory system. This is essential for maintaining good fitness. It also speeds up the digestive system and can help to relieve digestive problems. Many people that live a sedentary lifestyle develop digestive problems that can be improved with a healthier diet and some regular exercise.

Running can counteract depression, as all forms of exercise can help people cope with depression. It increases the capacity to work and lead an active life.

Jogging makes you burn fat and thereby helps to lose weight.

Jogging helps to reduce stubborn belly fat. Stubborn fat can be very hard to shift, but a running programme can really help to cut down on the last of your stubborn fat. If you suffer from poor appetite, jogging will improve your appetite. It will strengthen the muscles and bone density of your legs, hips and back.


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