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This service is brought to you by Zee Virtual Media, Nigeria’s leading online novelty store and I am your host, Uche Edochie, MD/CEO of lee Virtual Media. As time goes on, you will get to know more about us and all we offer. You can also visit us at www.zeevirtualmedia.com for more information or call the numbers you on our adverts here.So without further delay, let us answer a few questions from our readers.

Dear Zee Virtual Media, good day and well done with the work you are doing. I have been following you for quite some time now and never knew I was going to need your help until months ago. I realised that my erections were inconsistent. Sometimes I am with a woman and I cannot get an erection at all and when I do, I climax very quickly. Please what causes this and which product can solve the problem? I am 42 years old.

Thank you -James

Thanks for your mail James. Erectile dysfunction occurs when there is partial or total lack of blood flow to the penis. As you may know, an erection occurs during stimulation when your brain sends specific signals through your nerves that will cause your heart to pump more blood to your penile tissues. When these tissues are filled with enough blood, you have an erection. Now the partial or total loss of erection can be due to a wide range of factors such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, drinking, smoking, old age, certain diseases such as diabetes, vascular disease, neurological disease, multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis and the reaction to specific drugs such as antidepressants, tranquilizers, appetite suppressants etc. The above mentioned diseases alone account for about 70 per cent of erectile dysfunction cases while psychological causes such as stress, anxiety and guilt etc. account for 10-20 percent of cases. Erectile dysfunction amongst older men who are healthy is usually due to the restriction of blood flow through the penis. As men get older, their organs shrink and that includes the blood vessels as well.

Now there are different kinds of treatments for erectile dysfunction such as psychotherapy, drug therapy, vacuum devices and surgery. Because we are not medical, I can only discus novelty based solutions that can help with your type of erectile dysfunction. Provided the cause of your erectile dysfunction is not a disease, herbal supplements such as Vahard, Steel Libido, Libido Max and ReYouth can help give you a strong erection on demand. Using a device called the Penis pump can also help draw more blood to your penis so you can have an erection and when that happens, you can also make use of a device called a cock ring, which is worn at the base of your penis, to trap the blood that is giving you the erection so you can have sex. But you only wear the cock ring for 20 minutes. You can find power pumps such as the Euro Pump and E-Z Pump at our website along with all the other supplements.

As for the issue of early ejaculation, it is usually caused by penile sensitivity and psychological factors as well such as anxiety, fear and guilt. In any case, delay creams such as the Stay Hard Cream. Rock Hard Cream, Adam & Eve Delay Spray, Love Stuff All Night Delay Cream and Extra Maximum delay cream can help you last much longer in bed before ejaculation. You just apply any of them on the shaft of the penis a few minutes before sex when you already have an erection.

Delay condoms such as the Pasante Delay Condom also help prevent early ejaculation. I hope this information has been helpful. Good luck – Uche

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