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January 11, 2011

Telecoms: America’s FCC lauds Nigeria

THE United State of America’s Federal Communications Commission, FCC, has commended the giant strides recorded in the Nigeria’s telecom industry, with credits to the Nigerian telecom regulator, NCC,  for bringing Nigeria at par with several advanced nations of the world.

Mignon Clyborn, Commissioner of the FCC who made these remarks during a meeting with the Nigerian delegation to the FCC, said after comparing notes about how Nigeria has strived to better the sector over the past years and what has been achieved so far, that the Nigerian regulator appears ahead of other African countries and indeed, some more advanced countries of the world in telecom regulation. Clyburn is one of the five Commissioners who supervises the activities of the telecom and broadcast regulatory body in the USA.

The Nigerian NCC delegation to the meeting at the FCC headquarters in Washington DC, was made up of the Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Peter Igoh, Executive Vice Chairman, Dr. Eugene Juwah and Executive Commissioner, Stakeholder Management, Mr. Okechukwu Itanyi. The lady Commissioner of FCC commended the Nigerian delegation, noting that this is the first time the Commission will host a delegation of telecom regulatory institution from Africa.

Clyburn said the FCC is keen on how Nigeria, and indeed Africa, marches on to exploit the benefits of telecom and ICT. The two-day meeting hosted by the FCC under its International Visitors Programme, IVP, discussed issues of mutual bilateral telecom regulatory best practices, with an interactive session where the two telecom regulators exchanged ideas on the different dimensions and challenges and agreed to continue to share idea and information.

Topical issues discussed at the meeting include telecom compliance and enforcement regulation, universal service, competition and interconnection, rule making procedures and ethics among others.

EVC of NCC, Dr. Juwah, noted that part of the success of the Commission was as a result of non interference by the government in telecom regulation, including issuance of licenses to operators and the transparency that attends the process at all times. He told the FCC officials including Donald Stockdale, Chief Economist, Tom Peters, Chief Engineer, Wireless Telecon Bureau,  Thomas Beers, Chief Policy Division, Timothy Peterson, Chief of Staff, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau,  Eric bash, Associate Chief Enforcement Bureau, among other senior officials that the NCC in Nigeria is also seeking ways of enriching the legal requirements of advancing the Nigerian telecom industry by supporting sector focused workshop for judges in Nigeria so that they will be fully equipped to face the challenges and dimensions of emerging technologies and services.

FCC is the independent telecom and regulatory agency  of the USA established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with the responsibility of regulating interstate and international communications.