Residents of Sango Ado-Odo Ota have cried out to government for assistance over their condition of living. They claim to have been living uncomfortably for six months due to no electricity , bad road and unavailable pipe-borne water in the area.

According to Mr.Oluwa Gbemiga Arowolo a resident of the area: “We have been living in darkness for the past six month; no electricity, dirty environment, no pipe-borne water and bad road, especially the road that leads to Abeokuta. This road has claimed so many lives.

We only manage a bucket of water for two days since we have no pipe-borne water. This situation has forced most of our youth into criminal behaviours like stealing of handsets, necklaces and other items which do not belong to them which they sell at cheaper prices for them to live since they have no jobs”.

Similarly, Mrs.Uche, who is also a resident said: “Government had severally promised to look into the issue, but up till now nothing has been done. Instead the problem is getting worse. For instance, public schools  in this area lack laboratory equipment and libraries with books to engage the future of the young ones.

Text books are not being provided by the Government. There is also the problem of poor medical care for the students who are usually packed 60 in a class. The teachers are being owed three months unpaid salary which has led to lack of motivation.  So most of the time students are sitting in a class for eight hours doing nothing.

Mr. Abiodun Oguns , a security man of at a filling station in the area said: “Government has been treating us like slaves for over six years. This is a state where the voice of the people do not count. Rather, we are mal-treated in such a way that people living in this area can no longer feed themselves and we are asked to pay tax . Many people like me are planning to leave this area for better place like Lagos to start a new life”.

Mr. Babatunde Fayemi, one of the iron benders in this area said: “An Iron bender like me has  become jobless because of poor electricity supply. This is also the experience of other people whose job depend on electricity. We don’t enjoy electricity yet we pay(PHCN) bills”.

Other people who are present at this interviewed shouted we are tired of slavery, we can no longer endure. Many companies in this area have closed down which lead to high unemployment. They further, attributed that during rainy season the environment look horrible. This is in-conducive environment for democracy people to live.

We want to appeal to the Government to live to expectation to pay attention to our problems by providing us with power supply, good road and pipe borne water to assist and erase our suffering here.


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