Chief Jimmy Emmanuel Asiegbu, the Executive Director and the National Coordinator of Goodluck Jonathan Sambo USA  Grassroots Mobilization Team, (JOSA-USA), announced that his group, JOSA-USA has set up a  machinery in almost all the 50 states and major cities in the United States of America for an intensive mobilization of support  for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Arch. Namadi Sambo ticket for the 2011 Presidential elections in Nigeria.


Chief Asiegbu further stated that JOSA-USA, a strong and well structured grassroots Organization in Diaspora, received a mandate to embark on the project weeks before the declaration of interest by His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

According to Chief Asiegbu, ‘’Our organization, Jonathan-Sambo USA Mobilization Team, believes strongly and unequivocally that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Arch. Namadi Sambo are the best candidates to lead the country at this time. He is the chosen one by God Almighty, by Allah.’‘

He further said that ‘JOSA-USA and all Nigerians in USA and Canada were in support of the initiative to support Jonathan.” We want them to continue to deliver good governance.

We conduct national bi-weekly meetings to brainstorm on strategies to ensure that Jonathan-Sambo will secure the PDP ticket during primaries, and for his eventual election as the President and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2011.’‘ he said.

Chief Asiegbu said most of their members are ready to come home and campaign for Goodluck Jonathan during elections. He said ‘’our coordinators have gone to work and will inform the Presidency when we are ready for launching of different chapters all over USA. Our membership has extended to Canada, South America, and other countries.

“We shall use our available human and material resources to ensure that Jonathan and Sambo win in the 2011 elections.  We have estimated 5 million membership and over 300 committed leaders all over USA working and campaigning for Jonathan-Sambo USA Team.’‘

The group want a leader who will utilize the resources and manpower of Nigerians in Diaspora to move Nigeria forward and a leader who understands what the masses of Nigerians in Diaspora and at home needs. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Arch. Namadi Sambo are the peoples choice to deliver on these expectations. They therefore  call on all the PDP delegates to vote for GEJ during the party’s primaries.

Jonathan-Sambo USA (JOSA-USA) , according to him, is the only authentic diaspora well structured and strong, comprehensive support group for Jonathan-Sambo Presidency. JOSA-USA grass-roots  structure consists of National Executive Officers, Strategy and Mobilization, Rapid Media Response Committee, State and City Coordinators.

“ Our machineries, the coordinators are dedicated men and women, Nigerian professionals who have been mandated to reach all Nigerians all nooks and corners of USA to mobilize support for Jonathan. Majority of them are registered voters for the election and / or have strong influence on their brethren in Nigeria.

“We call on all the PDP delegates to vote for GEJ during the primaries. We call on all Nigerians to vote for GEJ during the general Elections. The Nigerians in Diaspora are fully behind the duo of GEJ and Sambo. They both have the education, mentality and extensive experience to take Nigeria to the next level.

“ There are other Jonathan Sambo Support groups in USA but JOSA-USA is the most organized, structured, committed and made up of all Nigerians irrespective of political party leanings or affiliations. Our group wants good governance that will address myriads of socio-economic, education, health, political, cultural, and anti-progressive policies of the past administrations” he said.


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