DOORS are very essential part of a home decor. They give a room or house an aura of opulence, safety and cheerful welcome. It is generally believed that the doors you choose for your workplace or residence reflect your taste and personality.

Hardwood security door

In these days when criminal activities are on the upper swing, most families would have begun to go for security doors that combine elegance with sturdiness.

A security door is built to help prevent unauthorised entry from intruders. Such doors can also  withstand the force from storms and weather abuse and offer a much higher level of protection than a regular door.

Typically, Security doors  come in two basic types – the  openwork steel door which looks like wrought iron and has a tempered glass back panel while the  second type looks like a regular wooden or fiberglass door, but is actually made of steel with sturdy side fixings.

General Manager of Logos International Resources Limited located in the sleepy town of Awo-omama in Imo State, Pastor James Ugwu told Vanguard Homes, Property & Environment that security doors produced by the company are made from iron wood.

Such doors can even be made more secure by installing some bullet-proof devices that make them impregnable.

Apart from the few locally produced security doors, the others are imported mainly from China. But the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) insists that such imported doors must have SONCAP certification.

Vanguard Homes which visited the just concluded Lagos International Trade Fair observed that security doors manufactured by various Chinese companies were displayed at the fair. An official of C Perkers Investment Limited explained that security doors combine  beauty and elegance with sturdiness and strength and come in many highly decorative options.

Messrs  Damache Nigeria Limited, a major player in the sales and distribution of security doors  stated that such doors enable the occupants to sleep with both eyes closed behind.

“Our  bullet-proof security doors  come with exquisitely detailed outer wrought iron or copper finish. These doors offer heavy blow resistance and they come equipped with double safety-lock systems”.

Some of the commonly used security doors are hardwood doors, Steel doors and  timber doors, although timber doors are becoming archaic.

All these types of doors provide you the better in security and prevent you from the intruders or strangers.

The hardwood doors are always durable, strong and heavy because they are made up from the hard solid wood. They look attractive and generally placed at the front entrance.

Because they provide the best security, most people prefer to use them for the home security purposes. They are expensive and would require high maintenance hence many people cannot afford them.

On their part,  steel doors are light and less expensive when  compared to the hardwood doors. They come in various colours and designs and do not need a lot of maintenance  They are also easier to install.


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