September 6, 2010

More facts emerge over Soboma’s killing

By George Onah

Port Harcourt — More facts have emerged over the killing of the former militant leader Soboma George, just as the three suspects have denied that they killed him, and have accused the Police Command in Rivers State of drawing conclusions hastily. Wanted are Pere Fiofori, Dobra Ogbe and Tommy.

In a telephone chat from their hideout, yesterday, two of the wanted men, Dobra Egbe and Pere Fiofori, said they were surprised at the “way the police have declared us wanted over the death of Soboma.

“Was the Commissioner of Police there during the killing of Soboma? Did he witness the killing? Otherwise, how did he just conclude that we were the killers of Soboma? Even Fiofori who they are accusing of the killing has been down since eight months and cannot walk, move or do anything himself.”

But in a swift reaction, Police Public Relations Officer, Rita Inoma Abbey told Vanguard, “they should just come out of their hiding and tell the government or Police all they know about the killing and not remain in hiding.”

Dobra said they were surprised that a newspaper “published that Fiofori made a phone call to it just to state our side of the story. It is all lies. Fiofori did not make any call to any newspaper,” adding that the police should look for those who killed Soboma and not focus on them.

However, an ally of Soboma, who identified himself as Tamuno, insisted that the three suspects and a driver actually drove to the scene of the incident “because the men fell out with Soboma because he had forbidden them from taking part in robbery, kidnapping, rape and other criminal activities.”

On why they split, Tamuno said the three suspects snatched one of Soboma’s boys called Condon Boy, following which they took part in a robbery and Condon Boy died in an encounter with the police during the robbery.

“The death of Condon Boy angered Soboma and he promptly promised the three men that he will work with the police to apprehend them. A few days later, a members of the group called Caiphas was killed in another encounter with the police, causing the three men to inform Soboma that the battle line had been drawn,” he said.