June 27, 2010

Rock your Blazers


One of the season’s hot trend is the blazer. It is a must-have. Blazers have been an important part of a woman’s wardrobe for decades and that includes the 1980’s when shoulder pads was in vogue. The key to working this fashion piece is to ensure you get one that fits you perfectly.

Because of its versatility, you can rock your blazer with a denim for an evening out or wear over a nice pant for work. Of course add a cute blouse underneath.

Note however, that the length of your choice of blazer depends on your height. For example, short women should wear shorter lengths while tall girls should go for one with longer length. An added touch is to choose one with a slight nip in the waist for some shape. Hips in the right proportion gives a great shape.

You can add some zing to your blazer by rolling up the sleeve for that boyfriend look.