May 7, 2010

Offshore Technology Conference Attendance Reaches 72,900

HOUSTON, Texas, USA- Attendance at the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) reached 72,900 (May 6, 2010) as offshore energy industry experts from around the world came together to share technological advances and innovative approaches at the world’s largest event for offshore resources development. OTC was held May 3-6 at Reliant Park in Houston.

Attendance surpassed the 2009 total of 67,700, and the sold-out exhibition was the largest in 28 years, totaling more than 568,000 square feet, up from 557,000 square feet in 2009. OTC’s expanded exhibition in Reliant Arena in addition to Reliant Center enabled the exhibition growth. Although this was a record year for OTC, the drilling accident in the Gulf of Mexico affected the mood and the tone of the event.

“We are coming together at a very sobering time for the offshore energy industry. Although we don’t yet know what caused the accident, we know that this industry takes safety and environmental stewardship very seriously. That is why when we do learn how this occurred, I know that all of us in the offshore industry will work together to prevent this from happening again anywhere in the world,” said Susan Cunningham, 2010 OTC chairman.

The keynote speaker for the OTC Awards Luncheon, Noble Energy’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Charles Davidson said, “Today’s reality is yesterday’s impossibility. Our willingness to take on the ‘impossible’ has led to immense change and success. Believing that anything is possible is critical to that success.” He cited US gas shale plays, Chevron’s Jack field in the lower tertiary Gulf of Mexico, and Israel’s gas-field discoveries of the past 18 months as examples of achievements that once seemed impossible.

Covering four full days, this year’s technical program offered sessions on renewable energy sources including offshore wind and wave energy. OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology program highlighted 13 innovative technologies that are already making the industry more effective.

OTC continues to grow with two new conferences. The OTC Brasil conference is scheduled for 4-6 October 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. OTC’s first Arctic Technology Conference will occur 7-9 February 2011 in Houston, as a separate new conference focusing on both offshore and onshore technology for Arctic exploration and development.

The 2011 OTC takes place 2-5 May 2011 at Reliant Park.

About OTC

The Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Park in Houston. For more information, visit