The state of insecurity in the country is deteriorating. By the day, we are recording terrible cases of murder, assassination, violent robbery and extra-judicial killings without any one being brought to justice.

In the last four months of this year the situation was so bad the international community called attention to the state of insecurity in the country and asked the authorities to do something about it. In spite of this international outcry, the carnage continues.

Along our major highways, robbers, most of the times better armed than the police, terrorize travellers and traders at gun point, and dispossess  them of cash and goods. Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Benin, Port Harcourt road, Shagamu-Benin road and a host of other major highways across the country have become killing fields of robbers and security forces. Our towns and cities are just as insecure.
Extra-judicial killings by security agents have become so rampant that there is hardly a day  without an incident involving loss of life being reported on our roads and in our cities.

Since we began to experience these cases of insecurity, we have been equally treated to a charade of suspected criminals being paraded, but after a while, everything fades off and nobody is brought to justice.

The only logical conclusion to make from these events is that our security system has collapsed,  because it’s failure is systemic. We would not have lost the likes of Abubakar Rimi and others if there were effective security system in place. This is unacceptable.

There is a crisis bordering on an emergency in the security sector. The government needs a critical overhaul of our security apparatus before total anarchy sets in. A probe of Rimi’s death is not the answer. The business of security in Nigeria is a major concern that should engage the government more pragmatically. It is not doing enough on security of lives and properties.

That must change now especially with the new cabinet. We must demonstrate now that Nigerian life is important. Therefore our space and citizens must be protected and secured. Where there is no security, there can’t be economic prosperity.


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