By Eustace Ejikeme

What does the EFCC want with Chief Chikwe. This a question the  Mrs. Waziri-led commission should answer urgently, especially after insinuations in the media by EFCC spokesman, Mr. Femi Babafemi that the recent attack by suspected gunmen on EFCC operatives in Imo State could be the consequence of prosecuting Chief Chikwe by the commission.

“What is the interest of the Waziri-led commission in linking Chief Chikwe’s case to the attack?  Is it political because of Chief Chikwe’s wife or for other motives beyond our comprehension?  One hopes that the commission is not exploiting every situation to embarrass Ambassador Kema Chikwe.

Considering the recent claims by EFCC that politicians want to destabilize it before the next general elections, the statement by Babafemi becomes suspect, indiscreet and presumptuous even though Chief Chikwe is not a politician”.

Chief Chikwe remains a gentle man and community leader known for his progressive dispositions and discipline. Babafemi’s statement is therefore a failed attempt to dramatize the sentimental nuance of concocted fallacies and fantasies.  There is no doubt that Babafemi played to the gallery and appeared so desperate to earn the commission of his pay masters by his hideous statements.  His unguarded utterances also calls to question the mounting doubts that trail media men hired these days for such image_laundering vocations.

The statements coming from Babafemi at a time the commission is prosecuting Chief Chikwe for frivolous allegations of fraud leaves little to be desired and should be condemned by every decent mind.  Babafemi’s hasty and imprudent pronouncements further reveal the impatience, impropriety and desperation that sometimes characterize the actions and mind-set of the anti-corruption agency towards discharging its duties.

EFCC in recent times has set some unwholesome precedents that people wonder if the agency is not a political weapon to hound people and establishments.  EFCC should avoid such dangerous insinuations, sensationalism and mediocrity to avoid having innocent citizens victimized unjustly or subjected to public odium.  Or does Babfemi not know that such inflammatory statements could endanger Chief Chikwe’s life? Chief Chikwe’s ordeal paradoxically highlights what the common man innocently go through in the hands of EFCC, considering that the agency could treat him this way despite his seeming innocence in the alleged fraud case.

EFCC already knows the truth about the case against Chief Chikwe, but would rather beat about the bush.  If Chief Chikwe’s case is no more under investigation but in the court, one wonders why anyone would willfully target EFCC operatives over the matter as insinuated by Babafemi.  Would attacking the EFCC operatives change the course of proceedings in the case?  Would that prevent the judge from giving judgment in the case?  Why would Chief Chikwe be made to appear to be the brain behind the attack?

Moreover, Chief Chikwe’s case was not the only one that brought the operatives to Owerri on the day they were attacked by the suspected gunmen to warrant the air of finality in Babafemi’s malignant speculation?  Why didn’t Babafemi mention the other cases that brought the operatives to Owerri?   And how is Babafemi so certain that the gunmen were not armed robbers who have become a recurring feature on South-East roads?  Really, EFCC should avoid puerile sensationalism, but pursue its cases with caution, restraint and tact.  It should be a security agency than a political outpost to hound people.  The commission should be professionally civil and emulate other similar agencies in the world.


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