January 2, 2010

Key looks for 2010


As the seasons pass so do the fashion trends, but there are major statement pieces that stand out yearly from season to season. 2010 trends take on a more graceful, feminine outline with less dramatic cuts, therefore pieces are more able to go beyond  seasons. This year, the major trends of the season include sequins, one shoulder styles and  outlines on skinny legs (skinny pants) Other trends on the fashion  radar for the year include boyfriend blazers, jumpsuits,  peplum skirts and dresses.

Boyfriend Blazers

The  2009 runways were loaded  with different versions of the Boyfriend blazers. It  has found new sophistication and will be with us as a part of 2010 fashion trends.
Boyfriend blazers are versatile. You can wear them with almost anything. And, they fit many different types of styles; feminine or edgy, a boyfriend blazer will most likely work with your outfit..

Head-to-toe White

White is the new black, at least according to runway trends  from concluded  Fashion Weeks. Head-to-toe crisp white may not be the most practical of colors but whether it is  a classic shirtdresses or shorts and pants suits, the rule is go white head-to-toe. Beware of the white shirt dress, however and  remember to accessorize with some statement jewelry to minimize any danger of looking like a nurse.


Legs are most definitely on show this year,. Whether it’s a pair of vintage big knickers worn as outerwear and under a blazer or some sexy hotpants with negative hemlines than disappear up the thigh, it is time to tone up your legs for the hottest look this year