Some members of the Presidential Task Force on Nigeria’s World Cup campaign are not portraying the body in good light with their scheming for positions on the Football Federation , using the platform of the Task Force.

“This is immoral. It is wrong. They were set up to assist Nigeria qualify  for the World Cup, not to use the platform of the Task Force to get themselves into the board of the football federation,” said a top football administrator who is close to members of the Task Force and was privy to the plans of these members.

“The idea behind the Task Force was good and some of the members have shown genuine interest in our football. But there are those whose struggle is about their selfish interests and the genuine members should watch out lest all of them are portrayed in bad light,” the administrator who once served the Nigeria Football Association before the Sani Lulu board came on board said.

The Task Froce was set up by President Umaru Yar’Adua when Nigeria’s qualification for the 2010 World Cup was heading for the rocks. Nigeria eventually qualified and some of the Task Force members now feel that they should run the federation.|

“The fact that they are in a seemingly supervisory role  makes it immoral for them to seek to unseat the football federation members even as I don’t agree with the way the current members are running the game in the country,” the member said.

The scheming of few members of the Task Force was further exposed and condemned by a member of the Task Force who complained this way: “It is painful that while we are working and thinking of the best way out for Nigeria some of us are planning on how to take up positions in the football federation. This will not help our image but,  please, don’t quote me for I have learnt my lessons on how to behave when you are on national assignment.”

The elections into the Football Federation come up in August after the World Cup and the Sani Lulu board will likely face stiff opposition from candidates.

“The Task Force members were appointed to ensure we qualify for the World Cup and I think that they have done their job. Their comments  on the current FA members will no longer be seen as fair if some of them are jostling to displace those who are there now,” said a sports journalist.


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