By Candida
AS unbelievable as it sounds, Christmas is furiously knocking at the door! Which means it’s party time from now on-all manner of parties! So there we all were last weeks, planning what to do this Christmas if cash and opportunity permit, when we suddenly started reminiscing about Christmas past  last year’s to be exact.

We had a couple of young ladies with us and as a few of them looked decidedly bored by what we thought were rave parties we attended, we dared one or two to beat our stories. I still haven’t been to  scrape my jaw off the floor by their escapades. Were they bragging? You judge!

Philo is in her early thirties and a quite successful accountant. She has her own practice and a few men to give her the good time she said she deserved. “Last Christmas,” she began, “Larry and I went to his boss’s annual birthday bash.

Born on December 24, his boss always had an all-night eve’s party so guests could all usher in Christmas at the same time.

As a result, a lot of the guests were expected to stay till the early hours. And his parties are always a riot! In no time at all, I’d mingled with a group of interesting men and I flirted outrageously with one of them. When I made my excuse to go to the bathroom, I wasn’t really surprised to hear a discreet knock on the door. ‘Philo, it’s me,’ he whispered urgently.

‘Let me in.’ That was how I found myself making mind-blowing love in the spacious bathroom of our host! Some incredible minutes later, we rejoined the party and soon lost track of each other.

“As the night wore on, I became so tired I needed to rest. My date’s boss asked me to go and crash into one of the rooms. Unfortunately, the only bed that wasn’t occupied by couples had a guy on it, fast asleep. I was too tired and tipsy to care. I just crawled in next to him. I woke up a few hours later and started chatting to him.

There was an undeniable attraction between us and, still in the party mood, we started kissing. Next thing I knew, I was having sex with my mysterious bedmate.

In other words, I’d slept with two men in eight hours! “When I found Larry, he was having breakfast with a handful of people and wanted to know if I slept well! I told him I certainly did, helped myself to some breakfast and we were soon on our way. But I couldn’t help wondering how I could get away with so much without him twigging on. Or did he score too?!

Julie told us she went to a Christmas party, separate from the one her steady did. “Kamal’s do was more of a stag night and I went to this party that a few of my friends were so excited about. It was there I ran into an old boyfriend. We’d parted amicably a few years back and a bit of the  chemistry was still there.

As the ‘Merry Christmas!’ chorus rented the air, we were making out like crazy. It was spontaneous sex, yet harmless. No strings. As I grinded from ear to ear, the friend I’d gone with told ne I had a few love scratches around my neck. I was alarmed. Being very fair, there was no way I could hide them.

I was glad when I got home and found my partner in bed and crawled in next to lim – shouting an excited Merry Christmas!, I seduced him in the dark. I made sure we got pretty wild. The next morning, he assumed he’d been the one to put he marks on my neck. Phew!” Adun said she remembered last  Christmas because that was when she gave her pain-in-the-neck boy-friend the boot!

“Lately, he’d been quite pompous about lis promotion at the stuffy law firm he worked with. We’d arranged to spend Christmas day at my parent’s house – much to my annoyance, he left in the early evening, saying he had to go to work the next morning. On Boxing Day?

He’d turned  into a boring workaholic and barely spent any time with me anymore
Later, my next-door neighbours came for their annual Christmas visit with their son, on whom I’d had a huge teenage crush.

We got chatting and headed back to my flat … where he made all my Christmas wishes come true. My boyfriend came by later that night, but I didn’t answer when he knocked. I broke up with lim shortly after – and I’m still with my sexy Christmas surprise!”

The interesting thing about these young adventurers is they see their stories as he norm. Sex is no longer a hushed topic – rather, they see it as a healthy pastime that should be indulged in  whenever it takes their fancy. Juyin didn’t have quite a hair-raising experience as the others, but said it was the naughty side she enjoyed.

“My boyfriend Joshua and I had to attend a stuffy Christmas party at his boss’ house. The guests were a bit older and I was ready to leave after an hour. Daniel, on the other hand was showing off and kept finding one more person to impress with his business rubbish.
Worried I could be lumbered with these fuddy-duddies all night, I sneaked into the loo and slipped off my black lace panties. While Joshua got carried away talking politics, I slipped them into his suite pocket.

A short while later, he reached for his handkerchief, pulled out the panties and looked horribly embarrassed. He looked at me but I kept a straight face on. He soon got the massage. If any of the guests noticed anything, they didn’t let on as we sneaked out of the party to have a more meaningful Christmas celebration!”

For once, Ini, Lilian and us older ‘senior girls’ just clamped up. I mean, what could we say that would beat these  lucky vinx’s adventures, I remembered last Christmas fleetingly and shifted uncomfortably. For once, I wish I too were swinging from the chandeliers – I mean, a bit of adventure wouldn’t hurt, would it!  Merry Christmas if you can have it. With Sanusi virtually chasing all the money bags into exile, and millions of investors losing their nest-eggs in the investment sector, who knows what to expect?

Remember what they say, that a fool and his money have been responsible for the best parties? Now thanks to the financial melt down these fools are a bit thin on the ground!.


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