By Folake AINA
The year is fast moving towards the end, and to the glory of God we are still here. It is such a pleasure to know that we overcame. I really do want you to know what this season means to you all. It is really not a religious thing.

I know that Christians have taken full advantage of it and celebrate Christmas this season. It is a season for everyone to celebrate no matter what you believe in. As long as you believe and use the calendar. You started the year in January, we are in November, and in December you should be grateful that you made it.

A friend of mine who is not a Christian said that every year she puts up her Christmas tree. She says every time she is putting it up with her children, they are praising and thanking God. She says to her what the Christmas tree represents is joy, peace and love. No-one can be mourning or sick, and what they want to do is put up a Christmas tree.

She says to her putting up the Christmas tree means all is well in her family, and she is telling God that as it was possible to put up the tree this year, they all will be alive and well to put it up the next year. Go ahead and get your decorations and light up where you live..

So, lets all rejoice, light up our houses in whatever ways we can, and be happy. Without life we cannot hope. We have life. There is no limit as to how far we can go.

Let us reflect for a second. Some did good business this year, some did not. Some bought new houses, many did not. Many bought brand new cars, many did not. Some got married, many did not. Some gave birth to children, some did not.

Some got into new relationships, and it just did not happen for some. Thats alright. But we must all realize that no-one got it all, whatever you got this year, be grateful. Be grateful also for the things that would have destroyed you that you did not get.

Do you know that you can eat, sleep with ease, drink, think straight  and walk are things some people wish for, and just cant do. It is such a privilege to get to the end of the year . Be very grateful. Be grateful for all you got and all you did not get.

Do you realize that life has a way of just placing only what you need at a particular period or season in your hands. If you take stock of all you got this year, and you know you sowed the right seeds and took the right steps, whatever you got, wherever you are, that was all that life had for you this year.

Listen!!! If you look around, you will see so many people who got so many things at certain periods or seasons of their lives and those things destroyed them. If only they got it two years or more when they were more mature, they would have been saved so much trouble.

The problem with all of all humans is that no-one at any point in time can see the total picture of life. That is why we are not God. Only God has the power and ability to see the end of all things from the beginning. Only God has the total picture.

My dear be grateful.  No matter where you are, you are doing great. There is always room for improvement. There is always space at the top.

If you achieved all that you planned for 2009, congratulations. I am very happy for you. If you missed a few scores, like I said, just take stock and get ready for getting better in 2010. Focus is all you need. There is nothing as exciting as hope.

That there is a 2010 should make you feel good. There is hope. It is not over till it is over. Only the dead are hopeless. As long you are still breathing, anything can happen. Look at it this way. You cannot change all that January to now gave to you.

It is gone. You can begin to plan early for next year. I suggest that you do it prayerfully. You must not make the mistake of blaming anyone or anything for what you got or did not get. You cannot blame anyone or anything for your life.

Your life is actually in your hands. It is your responsibility to fulfill your destiny . Take responsibility for any mistakes and learn from them. If where you are located is not adding to you, re-locate and get ready for 2010.
Life is so interesting. Enjoy it, and make it good.

How many people started this year with us, and are no more. How many do you know that in the course of the year lost their sanity and are now in mental institutions. That you are reading this article tells me you are of sound mind and alive.

Cheer up. Be happy. That is one thing you have control over. It is a choice that you owe yourself to make. Choose to be happy. With the right attitude, you are ready for a buoyant 2010. Compliments of the season.


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