November 15, 2009

Players are the heroes, Amodu

Nigeria coach, Shuaibu Amodu, has saluted the determination and commitment of his players following the country’s dramatic qualification for next year’s World Cup, saying the Eagles merited their ticket to South Africa.

The Eagles leapfrogged erstwhile Group Two leaders Tunisia on the final day of action in the qualifying tournament for the 2010 World Cup after they beat Kenya 3-2 and the North Africans lost 1-0 in Mozambique.

Amodu told reporters immediately after the Super Eagles victory at the Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi that the players never lost hope and were fired up to qualify for the World Cup.

“I will say kudos and congratulations to the players for making it happen because they are the heroes of today. This was a victory well deserved because we fought and worked hard for it,” Amodu said at a press briefing monitored on Lagos radio.

“It could have been difficult for us here [Nairobi] if we didn’t have the experience, the resilience and the determination it takes to win a match of this magnitude and importance.

“This is a typical Nigerian side which you can never rule out when it is faced with difficulties to excel. This is a Nigerian side that is determined to go to the World Cup in South Africa next year and you can see the desperation and the determination to achieve this in the team in today’s match.

“This is a Nigerian side that is motivated to be there because we believe that we deserve to be there. So, today’s victory against Kenya is a victory for all Nigerians.”

The Eagles are due in Abuja early Sunday morning after a five-hour flight from Kenya.
They are likely to be hosted by the government to a special reception before they leave for their overseas clubs.