Mobile Week with GSM

November 29, 2009

Etisalat lures elite subscribers with free blackberry service

By Prince Osuagwu

With eyes set on the top spot of the Nigerian telecoms market, Etisalat Nigeria is deploying several innovations and customer relations strategies to achieve the target. Now the company is offering new subscribers on its post paid package, tagged Elite World, free Easynet modem or 3 months free blackberry service for subscribing to a package plan of up to N10,000 and above.

Elite world is a new package on Etisalat network that offers  subscribers the flexibility of determining what they intend to spend on their phone bills monthly using the telecom giant’s special Minimum Monthly Payment (MMP) plan.

The package also provides the opportunity to set credit limits that suit individual budget and each MMP plan has a bonus attached to it, meaning the higher the limit, the more bonuses a subscriber enjoys.

The Elite world package plan ranges from N2, 500 to N20, 000.

Etisalat Chief Marketing Officer, Wael Ammar, who announced this offer, said it was designed to avail valued customers who are constantly on the move and on top of their businesses value added services on its network at no extra cost.   “We constantly offer our customers the necessary tools, products and services that keep them on top of their businesses. Elite World and our innovative MMPs are further testimony of the  innovative ways we continue to satisfy our customers and enable them to enjoy the best of our service offerings” he added.

For Ammar, the Elite World is fully packed with a lot of services and incentives to suit the lifestyle of all Etisalat’s customers because, “once you hook up to the Elite World post paid package you belong to a world where unique discounted tariffs, unmatchable personalised service and a vista of opportunities will all be at the touch of a button on your Etisalat phone. Elite World is tailored to fit the vibrant, executive and busy lifestyles of our high-end customers. The elite world package also gives you the opportunity of real time monitoring of your airtime usage. This means that you can set a particular threshold for your monthly spend and when you get close to the specified amount, our budget alert service will automatically notify you.” he explained

Added advantage to this package, according to Ammar, is that it offers subscribers the opportunity to choose their numbers from the range 0809 99 00 000- 0809 999 9999 and 0809 79 00 000- 0809 799 9999, at the point of purchase. It also allows users the opportunity to restrict the numbers that can reach them through the VIP Caller white or black list set up.