By Sam Eyoboka

It was a graduation of Men and women who have been called as pastors and evangelists and by the ceremony, they were being sent out to transform lives of men and women through the power of God so that they can be useful and good citizens of the nation. It was therefore an occasion of great joy as friends and family members from around Lagos State and beyond came together to witness the 51st graduation ceremony of the Life Theological Seminary, Ikorodu, Lagos as they fecilitated  with the graduands.

Outgoing General Overseer, Foursquare Gospel Church Nigeria, Rev. Wilson Badejo, who during the graduation ceremony said the 180 students graduating from the seminary, would be going into the world to commence the work of the Kingdom.

Badejo, who said God is moving in Nigeria, despite the seemingly unending problems, noted that the church was meeting the challenges in the nation commeasurably in the sense that Nigeria’s population was increasing day by day, adding that God is moving in Nigeria.
According to him, “the prayers of the saints are working wonders because without the Church, where we are today will have been different.”

And for those who had not attended the theological school, he said: “It is just like someone trying to be an engineer and does not want to go to school, he would be regarded as a mechanic and not an engineer. So, we believe that the school has the capacity to fine tune the gift of God in your life so that it will shine brighter. That is what our lecturers do here.”

The Foursquare overseer, however, seized the opportunity to advise government officials to allow the fear of God to guide them, adding, “as the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”.
On deregulation, he said, Nigeria should tread softly because “the gari seller will have to increase her price, landlord will increase his price and the molue driver will increase his price even when our status has not changed.
“So, we are begging government to have mercy on the masses. At least petroleum is natural in our land, so they should use it to augment our stress and we are asking that our leaders will give this a serious thought before they pass the bill. Even though the House has already given it a go-ahead, we do not think that it is too good for us.
“We speak for the common man because the last hope of the common man is the Church and not the House of Assembly or the House of Representatives. The common man cannot go to these places but they can get to the Church, therefore on behalf of the common man we are pleading with them to review that proposal. As nice as it is, we prefer a gradual increase until they get to where they are going”, he appealed.

He advised the graduands to shine the light to the world and bring joy to the heart of the ordinary man at the grassroots level so that they would take them out of the doldrums of poverty, lack of knowledge and underdevelopment unto great life.


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