By Princewill Ekwujuru

The president of Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN), Mr. Idorenyen Enang has listed leadership, data compilation, social network platform and relationship building as some of the strategic pursuit of the body  to reposition the association in the comity of sectoral groups in marketing communications industry in the years to come.

Speaking at the association general meeting in Lagos last week, Mr. Enang stated that “ADVAN’s intent is to help the marketing communications community stay abreast of cutting-edge trends and best practices via a comprehensive calendar of seminars and conferences. We are committed to keeping our members on the leading-edge of marketing trends and best practices. We will offer a comprehensive range of marketing seminars/meetings to help marketing professionals build their brands.”

He stated that ADVAN needs to redefine its objectives by employing visionary and thoughtful leadership within the marketing communications industry, providing forum for advertisers to discuss issues of common interest and influence developmental changes within the industry, initiate and encourage the compilation of reliable data to aid effective planning and value realisation and create value based relationship with government, relevant associations and stakeholders.

Mr. Enang, who is also the Marketing Director of Cadbury Nigeria reminded members that for the association to be effectively repositioned, ADVAN most proactively take stands on public issues and governmental actions that affect marketers’ ability to operate in a free-market society. It must underscore the immense economic value that marketing contributes to individuals and society at large and continuously seek ways to make the marketing process more efficient and effective, enabling marketers to maximize the return on their investments.
He however, stated that lack of commitment from members, lack of social networking within ADVAN and with stakeholders, inadequate membership database, lack of proper communication channels and payment apathy from members are still major issues confronting the association.

He said the association has to provide a better platform to interface with government on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), APCON and media houses.
The association according the president has progress well in just four months of the current leadership. Some of the progress recorded in such as short time include establishment of a functional website for the association, establishment of members resource centre, completion of second of newspaper research, initiation of several sectoral group/stakeholders forum and other relationship building platforms.

To further record a milestone in a short period of time, members also split themselves into four committees, which include marketing and media, agency relations, research and  marketing accountability and effectiveness committees.


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