By Bose Adebayo

When she found  herself in a private hospital in Ilawe-Ekiti, in Ondo State, with dribs on her hand, she wondered the kind of sickness that could have made her an in-patient overnight.

But sooner than later, she began to witness an array of people that thronged the hospital with different colours of handkerchiefs in their hands, that was when it dawned on her that her heartthrob of 15 years had gone to the great beyond.

Apart from the untimely death of her husband at a prime age of 36, the mystery surrounding such death remains a riddle this petty trader is yet to find answers to.

Mrs. Okimi Kemisola’s travails started on Monday August 24 when her husband, Sesan Okimi, a cocoa merchant left their home in Ilawe-Ekiti for a business transaction in Akure, the capital of Ondo State.

On that fateful day, he told his wife he would be back before six in the evening not knowing he would never get home to dine with his family as his corpse was later found under a tree in front of their residence.

This petty trader was in her sackcloth when she narrated her ordeal to Vanguard, as the custom demands, she was wearing a black dress and slipporn as was made to remain indoor until she completes her mourning days.

According to her, her late husband was a respected member of the community who has never exceeded 7pm outside his premises until he met his death.’‘We have been together for the past fifteen years and nobody had any cause to panic about him because he would always get home by 7pm except he travelled outside the State,’‘ she said.

This mother of four said it was a kidnaping case that came to her mind when his whereabout could not be ascertained on the said day, ‘’When I did not see him at bed time, I started calling his GSM number which rang many times without response.

A lot of thoughts came to my mind but I was attributed it to a kidnaping case and I waited to see if anybody would call me or any of our relations to demand for a ransom unfortunately that never happened,’‘ she sobs as she explained to Vanguard.

When she could not get any glimpse about him, she went round their relations to alert them of the situation and all of them organised a search party for him at midnight without luck.

‘’I was disorganised and made straight to his relations to tell them and immediately they sent some young men in the town to look for him but all of them came back without any luck,’‘ she informed,

After the young men had combed every where at midnight, they converged the following morning to continue the search. It was however a surprise to them when they found Sesan’s Jeep which he travelled with, neatly packed at the back of their residence while his lifeless body was also found under a tree with bloodstain on his dress and a deep cut on his navel with his stomach facing the ground.

‘’I could not believe my eyes when I was called upon to see my husband’s lifeless body under the tree with a deep cut on his stomach,’‘ she noted.
Asked if the late Sesan was involved in a deal with anybody before his death, she replied and said, ‘’To the best of my knowledge, he was a cool headed guy who has never been involved in any shady character.

As I am talking to you right now, his death still remains a mystery in the entire town. He only left for Akure for a business transaction and we never heard from him until he was found death,’‘

Continuing she said, ‘’The only thing we noticed was that four strangers, all dressed in suit, were sighted in the town on the day he travelled and they could not be traced to any family in the town. They moved around in the town for a while before they later disappeared,’‘ she said.

Immediately she found the dead body of her husband, she became unconscious and was rushed to a nearby hospital,’‘After I was discharged form the hospital, one of our neighbours who is a police officer told us he heard an unusual noise in the bush in the middle of the night but he never knew we have been looking for him since the previous day. I appeal to the Nigerian Police to help unfold this mystery, ’‘ she pleaded.


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