(Note: The remarriage took place 2 years ago)

It’s deliverance for Pastor Ighodalo

It seems you are crying louder than the berieved by making a purely spiritual matter a subject for debate in the court of public opinion, especially your choice of words such as sack and reasonable which leave much to be desired. Though, so much has been said on the matter both in favour and against the stance of the church, but one thing is clear, the Word of God can not, in any case, be applied to suit our convenience.

It will be recalled that the pastor came back to Nigeria after being purpotedly called by God. On the contrary, his wife declined to follow him back home and thereafter she married another man over there, which makes her guilty of the sin of adultery. (Matthew 5:32; 19:1-10) Unfortunately, many people either do not understand that divorce was not in the original plan of God but because of the hardness of the human heart, He permited it, or they fail to come to term with the truth.

The marital crises we have across our society today is because there are very few and sincere role models in the Church again. People believe marriage is a matter of personal convenience which does not require any form of sacrifice or tolerance. Whenever the covenience is threatened, the only way out is either separation or outright divorce. If Pastor Ituah is allowed by the RCCG authorities to live in the web of re-marriage what moral ground will he have to forbid members of his congregation from chartting a similar course if either of the partners errs?
He knew the position of the church on the issue of marriage before he joined its fold; so the question as to whether the church is justified or reasonable in its decision to remove him does not arise. In fact it’s a form of deliverance for him.

*Abayomi Dada <abayomilizzy@yahoo.com>

He”s free to remarry

In Matthew 19:9 Jesus said that any man that puts away his wife and remarries except it be for fornication commiteth adultery. He gave an exception which is in the case of adultery/fornication and in this case since Pastor Ighodalo’s first wife is remarried, it means he has the right to remarry. In I Cor 7:27-28, the Bible says that if thou art loosed from a wife, seek not a wife but if thou remarry thou hast not sinned.
I feel RCCG’s sacking of the pastor wasn’t wrong. They just wanted to prevent controversial issues surronding a pastor of one of their churches but I don’t know why they chose to do it two years after.

*Ikay O Ikay Osisiogu<justikay@gmail.com>

RCCG hasn’t broken any rule

I WISH to comment on the issue and will like to say that the isuue here is not that of being right or resoanable for RCCG to suspend or sack a pastor of the church. Rather, my opinion is that it is about that belief of RCCG concerning marriage and in view of this therefore I will like to refer you to RCCG baptismal manual illustrating the fundamental beliefs in the Bible. Lesson No. 27, titled: One husband, One wife, Correct Divorce and Re-Marriage and I quote “The Word of God teaches us that monogamy has been the order since the beginning of the law of Christ. Divorce is permissible only when a life partner has committed adultery. Even then, none of the two should be married to a new partner while both are yet alive. (Matthew 5:31-32, 19:9, Mark 10:11-12, Luke 16:18, Romans 7:2-3, Matthew 19:4-6 and I Corithians 7:10-11.)

I am not qualified to judge those that have taken positions rightly or wrongly, neither am I defending our Daddy, but I want to pass this information which I am sure the said pastor knows about on the said matter. Regarding your note that the marriage took place two years ago, does not matter because I am sure the issue must have been going on before now and as such it is not a sudden decision.

Life is all about freedom, but freedom has responsibilities, so we are free to make comments regarding any issues but let us know that the responsibilities of our comments lies ahead of us and in this matter RCCG did not violate any of its standard rules and regulations and if it has done otherwise, it would have amounted to lawlessness and lawlessness is a sin.

*Bro. Godwin U. Allison<godwinallison@yahoo.com>

Open rebuke is better…

When it comes to spiritual things that have to do with God’s principle of living and His servants, sensitive measure must be employed not to draw God’s wrath. The General Overseer of RCCG, right or not, should not be the bedrock of argument. Come to think of it, who can fight God’s battle for Him? What lesson should we learn from this incident? I believe, pastors should be role models to both believers and unbelievers in all areas of life. Don’t misunderstand me, they (pastors) are human beings that have blood running through their veins. But it’s expected of them to be remorseful whenever they err, instead of feeling justified and seeking the support of  others.
The thing that makes one a human being is the combination of good and bad. That is why; throughout the scriptures, the ones God used greatly are those that have one fault or the other. God had to pick them up from that condition to train them for a better tomorrow. That the pastor divorced his wife is something that is irritating, and should attract punishment from the higher authority. But, why should the pastor’s weakness be the bone of contention? It could be the way God wants to bring the pastor to humility and teach him more things that will be beneficial to him in future. That a pastor divorced his wife doesn’t mean that anyone of us is holier that him in God’s presence. If only the pastor could stop justifying his act and accept the punishment in good fate. That someone has not divorced his/her soul-mate is only by God’s grace. God can stir up conflict that will lead to disastrous acts only for Him (God) to achieve His target.
The G.O punishing the pastor is a very good action to take, and the pastor on his own part should know that, “Open rebuke is better than secret love.” (Proverb 27:5). If we must call a spade, a spade; we must also realize that marriage is for better, for worse. Employing divorce is total violation of the vow made before God. And vow made before God can never be reversed. (Eccl. 5:1-7)

*Steve Odum<stevodum@yahoo.com>


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